Panasonic SJ-MR270

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Panasonic SJ-MR270Portable NetMD Recorder
Intro: 02/2004
In: line/optical, mic. Out: headphones. Data: USB. DC IN: 1.2V (battery), 1.5V (alkaline AA cell), 5.0V (AC adapter)77.8w x 74.8h x 13.9d mm, 86g (113g w/batt), Speakers: 41.0 x 89.4 x 95.4mm


  • NetMD downloading with Beat Jam software.
  • World record breaking 130 hour battery life (as of 1/14/2004).
  • Large style 3-Line LCD on main body displays 2 lines of Kanji/Hiragana.
  • Kanji displaying LCD remote with ability to control recording.
  • H.D.E.S. (Panasonic's "special" SP-mode ATRAC tweak)
  • Has a CD 1-track recording mode, enters pause mode after recording one track.
  • Jog dial.
  • X-Bass.
  • Docking cradle with separate speakers.


Specs: Headphone amp: 2.8mW+2.8mW, Speaker amp: 900mW+900mW, JEITA, 20-20kHz +0/-6dB. Line in: 33Kohm, Mic in: 600 ohm, Headphone out: 50 ohm


User Manual: SJ-MR270

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
AA x 142/59/70 hr9/16/21 hr
NiMH25/34/38 hr13/17/21 hr3.5 hr
Both76/94/130 hr33/46/55 hr

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