Panasonic SC-PM30MD

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Panasonic SC-PM30MDMD bookshelf system
Intro: 10/2000
IN: optical
OUT: headphones
195 x 288 x 292 mm, 5.6kg unit / 170 x 287 x 242 mm, 3.0kg speaker

Features: MD/CD/Cassette/Radio. Not MDLP capable, can record to MD and cassette at the same time, "MD Network" support, remote has character layout similar to portable telephones, allowing full remote titling of MD tracks.

Links: Panasonic's UK page for this unit. Panasonic's Japanese page for the SC-PM30MD. Panasonic's Polish page for the SC-PM30MD.

Specs: 20W per channel output.


User Manual: J

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