Marantz CM1040/CM635


All, CM6200, CM1040/CM635

Marantz CM1040
Marantz CM635
CD/MD Deck
Intro: 1
MSRP ¥76,000
in: optical, coax. out: optical426x77x336m, 4.6Kg

Features: Direct digital copying from CD to MD. Synchro recording. 1 bit D/A. Sampling rate converter. 20 track program/repeat/random play modes. D-bus, remote control.

Notes: The CM1040 and CM635 appear to be the same unit, with only styling differences.

Links: Marantz US's pages for the CM1040 unit and CM635 unit. Marantz Japan's brief blurb for the CM1040 unit. A Marantz (Philips) page extolling the virtues of MD.

Specs: Freq response: 20-20KHz, THD: CD: 0.01, MD: 0.05, S/N: 95dB, CD Dynamic range: 93dB


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