Kenwood SH-3MD

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All, HM-782MD, 382MD, 381MD, BR-2001/IT-2001, SH-7CDR, 5MD, 3MD, XT-5MD, 7MD, VH-7MD, XD-980MD, 9581MD, 981MD, SG-7MD, HM-383MD, XD-9580MD, SG-3MD, XM-7MD

Kenwood SH-3MDCD/MD/Cass mini system
Intro: 1/2000
IN: Aux (x1)
main body: 180 x 239 x 305mm
speaker: 139 x 234 x 216mm

Features: An upgrade of their SG-3MD mini-system; includes 2X CD->MD dubbing (single track dubbing is still 1X however, and HCMS [high-speed copy management system] prevents a second high speed copy of the same CD within a 74 minute period), CD-TEXT support, One-Touch edit functions, brightness adjustment for LCD display, available in gray, white, blue, or orange.

Links: Kenwood's Japanese press release for this unit. The T-Station has further information on this unit.

Specs: 20W+20W 10cm main speaker, 2.5cm tweeter.


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