Kenwood DMC-K3

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Kenwood DMC-K3Portable MD player
Intro: 3/1999 (? guess)
MSRP ¥27,000
OUT: headphones< 99.9x17.4x75mm, 120g/td >

Features: 10 second shock memory. Auto play mode starts play on disc insertion. Newly developed remote weights 8.2g, Uses AA cell sized rechargeable, or can accept Alkaline cell. LCD display also on main body. Button confirmation beep can be turned on/off. Dynamic bass boost (adjusts the boost level according to the signal level, giving strong bass without distortion, even when the volume setting is high). Hand strap can be attached, but is not included. Appears to be original to Kenwood (not a clone).

Links: Japanese announcement of Kenwood DMC-K3. Kenwood's Japanese announcement for the unit.


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH (AA shaped cell)9 hr? hr
AA x 110 hr

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