JVC XU-301


All, XU-301

JVC XU-3013CD/MD deck
Intro: 1
MSRP $550
IN: mic, line, optical. OUT: line, optical

Features: Independent drawer 3CD changer allows CDs to be changed while one is playing. 1 bit D/A. CD-TEXT compatible. Title memory for up to 200 CDs. 27 Genre categories. Pitch control +/-12% in 25 steps. MD recording mixing: CD/Line, Line/Mic, Mic/CD. CD to MD synchro rec: one touch and 1st track record modes. Listening edit ("rec-it" function?). Timer (Daily play/rec and "once" play/rec). Compulink control system for connecting with other JVC components.

Links: JVC's English page for the unit. A user comments on several mis-features of the unit.


User Manual: XU-301

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