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JVC XM-PX601portable MD player
Intro: 8/2001

OUT: headphones73.8 x 15.6 x 79.3mm
65g (body only), 90g w/batt

Features: MDLP and Group function support. A small speaker has been incorporated into the charging stand, to allow music playback without headphones. 40-second anti-shock protection (160 seconds in MDLP 4X mode), A-B Repeat function, 7 step Bass/Treble adjustments, Redesigned LCD remote, "Top-open" clam shell disc insertion.

Links: JVC's official Japanese page for the XM-PX601. Minidisc T-Station has further information on the XM-PX601.

Included Accessories: LCD remote, headphones, NiMH rechargeable cell (BN-R129), Charging stand with built-in speaker, AC adapter, carrying pouch

Specs: Headphone amp: 5mW+5mW (EIAJ/DC), Charging stand speaker amp: 170mW (EIAJ/AC), Dynamic range: 20~20kHz (+/-3dB)


Battery Life (SP/LP2/LP4)PlayRecharge
NiMH BN-R12922/26/30 hr3.5 hr

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