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All, CA-MD70, MXS5RMD, NX-MD1/MD1000, MX-S6MDR, UX-A70MD, MX-S55, EX-MD90L, MX-MD70, FS-MD9000, MX-S7WMD, WMD90, CA-MD9, WMD90, MXS6

JVC UX-A70MDMicro-compo MDLP bookshelf system
Intro: 7/2000
MSRP ¥64,000
£260 (£240 street)
IN: line
OUT: line, headphone
Main unit: 161 x 217 x 330 mm, 5Kg
Speaker (1): 130 x 215 x 231.5 mm, 2Kg

Features: First MDLP compact bookshelf system. Incorporates CD/MD/Cassette/AM/FM. Simultaneous CD recording to MD and tape possible. High speed (2x) CD->MD dubbing with SCMS and HCMS copy prohibition. AM/FM Tuner With RDS EON, Remote Control, Analog Recording Sync, Variable Colour Illuminated Motorised Sliding Fascia.

Variants: JVC-UXA70MDR available in UK apparently does not include cassette deck.

Links: JVC's Japanese page for the unit.

Specs: World-band [76.0 MHz-108.0 MHz] FM tuner. Audio input sensitivity/impedance (@1khz) 400mv/48k-ohm, Audio output level/impedance (@1khz) 260mv/5.8 k-ohm, Seaker terminals 4-16 ohm, Amp: EIAJ: 30W, UK: 44 watts @ 4 ohm (max), 40 watts @ 4 ohm (10% thd)


User Manual: UX-A70MD

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