Denon DMD-1000

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All, DMD-201SA, 6.5, F100, F30, M10, S10, 800, 1800, 1300, 1000, 1500

Denon DMD-1000Home MD deck
Intro: 6/1998 (? guess)
~US$650 in Denmark
IN: line, digital: optical x 2, coax, OUT: line, optical

Features: 20bit delta-signal A/D converter. SLC D/A converter. Sampling rate converter. Synchro level recording auto-start. Stereo/Mono recording. Auto record-pause function. Includes IR remote.

User Manual: Denon DMD-1000 user operation manual.

Links: Denon page for the unit A good deal on the DMD-1000 is spotted at ($265).


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