Denon D-XS11/XW33


All, D-XS11/XW33, A03, M05, M5, M3

Denon D-XW33
Denon D-XS11
2MD/3CD bookshelf system
Intro: 6/2002
JPY 85,000
IN: line (x2), OUT: headphones, pre-out (sub-woofer), line, speaker170 x 249 x 380mm 8.8Kg, speaker: 140 x 249 x 247mm, 2.9Kg (each)

Features: MDLP bookshelf system with 3 CD changer, 2 MD drives (one is read/write, the other read-only) and tuner. Many copying functions: 2X CD->MD, "PICK REC" (select tracks to copy while listening), MD->MD. Tuner and other inputs can be listened to while CD or MD copy is in progress. Timer recording

Variants: D-XS11 unit has a single MD drive


Specs: FM band: 76-108MHz, AM: 522-1629kHz. Amp: 20W+20W (6 ohm, EIAJ), Speakers: 6 ohms.


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