Conrad Electronic GMBH Coax/Optical Converter


All, Coax/Optical Converter

Conrad Electronic GMBH Coax/Optical ConverterCoax/Optical Converter~70 DM

Description: Available From:

Conrad Electronic GMBH
Klaus-Conrad-strasse 1
92240 Hirschau
Germany, Tel: +49-180-531-21-11
  • Opto-Coax converter: toslink to cinch/spdif order no.:34 07 90-44 price 69.95DM = $38.86
  • Coax-Opto converter: cinch/spdif to toslink order no.:34 08 63-44 price 69.95DM = $38.86

Both come in nice alu-cases, 90mmx66mmx35mm.


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