Clarion RM

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All, MDC655z, RM, DMX5555z, RMX-465D

Clarion RMAM/FM/MD in dash MD player
Intro: 1

OUT: line (6 Channel, 4V output), speakers (45Wx4)

Features: AM/FM MD w/CD Changer Controller. 18 FM/6 AM, Magi-Tune+(R) FM, 8-Times Oversampling Digital Filter, Dual 1-Bit D/A Converters, Z-Enhancer EQ Selector, Bass & Treble Controls, 4-Way Balance Controls, Rotary Volume Control, Disc/Tuner Title Memory, Touch-n-GoTM Flip Down Face, TV Tuner Control, 4 Volt, 6 Channel RCA Line Level Output, 4 Color 5 x 7 Dot Matrix Display, EQ/DSP/Crossover Control, Non-Fade Line Level Output, Volume Control, Prism Key,

Links: Clarion's US MD pages MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.

Specs: Amp: 180 W (45 W x 4)


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