Casio XG-3


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Casio XG-3Portable MD player
Intro: 2/2000 (? guess)
Street US$129.99
OUT: headphone99 x 19 x 76mm, 140g (w/battery)

Features: 40 second shock memory [powersave off/on], 2 step bass boost, backlit remote, repeat, random, track skip and search.
MD info on remote: [Total # of tracks, total play time, disc name] or [Current track #, track time, track name].
Unit info on remote: 4 segment power, bass boost, play mode, volume, shock buffer status and 6 character text. No LCD on body. Unit accepts NiMH in AA formfactor, or AA cell.

Links: Christopher Vallo's review of the unit. The Casio XG-3 MD player is spotted at Circuit City (search for "casio xg3").


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH5.5 hr4 hr
AA x 13.5 hr
Times based on: Vol 24/30, 16ohm load, temp 25C, PS-off.

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