Sharp IM-MT880 Portable NetMD Recorder
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Overall Impressions

While the MT880 is a nice little unit that packs a lot of punch in some areas (tight bass, sync recording features, quick, yet quiet motor response during playback), you almost get the feeling that it was a slightly rushed product. In particular, Sharp could have done a better job of integrating the USB terminal, which sticks out like a sore thumb on the otherwise aesthetically pleasing design of the MT880. Also, the MT880 would have been a much better unit if Sharp had left the text/time display on the main unit, along with a means to access/navigate the menu system without the remote - In doing this review, I had a hard time getting over how great this unit could have been if Sharp didn't force you to lug the remote around with you to do so many things. I love the way the controls are placed on the main unit (I just wish there were more of them), as the design of the 4-way control pad is very well done. The design of the remote is also top-notch; it's just that the Sharp designers made it a bit too essential for general operations. Even with these minuses, the MT880 does have some nice features that make it a Sharp (and if you don't mind carrying the remote around with you, then you probably won't mind think of it as an "inconvenience" at all). Add in the NetMD interface (albeit, slower than the N1's NetMD interface), and the MT880 is a very decent (but not great) portable MD recorder.

Back panel of the MT880

Closing Comments

If you're a newbie to the MiniDisc format, and you're looking for more information about how MiniDiscs work, etc, I highly recommend you pay a visit to The MD message boards at and MiniDisc T-Station are also good sources of MD-related info.

The folks at were kind enough to supply an evaluation unit for this review. Minidisco (based in the U.S.) carries a wide array of accessories (including microphones and headphones) and blank MD's, as well as a variety of MD units; be sure to pay them a visit if you're looking for any MD-related accessories. And if after reading this review, you're looking for a review of the Sony MZ-N1 for comparison purposes, feel free to check-out my Sony N1 Review, sponsored by the folks at Japan-Direct.

The Sharp IM-MT880 (left) and the Sony MZ-N1 (right)

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