What was cool in MiniDisc

Jan 98:Derek Streeter (and others) learn how to disable SCMS on a Sony MZ-R50.
18 Sep:Lo Fan spots Sony's announcement of their new docking portable, the MZ-R5ST, in Japanese (or peek at the hasty English summary).
13 Sep:Sony announces (in Japanese) their MZ-R50, E35 and E25 MD portables (with the salient points covered in an English translation).
4 Sep 97:Running on reserve: Wolfgang Buresch punches through the 74:59 barrier, packing up to 80m16s of audio on an MD! He also has further information on creating virtual MD tracks.
21 Mar: Still not MD and still cool, an extensive set of pages now exist for Hitachi's disk based MPEG camcorder.
9 Mar: Hardeep finds Sharp's comprehensive MD-PS1 digital camera pages.
6 Mar: Stephen Voser shows details of the MD manufacturing process, including an instructive gif animation of the BPS Sprinter's disc carousel.
4 Mar: A peek into the Audio MiniDisc Table of Contents.
2 Mar: Another page on JVC's new XM-R2 MD recorder with the PDA-like pen input.
13 Feb: The European Commission has started a project to develop a Music On Demand system, using MPEG Layer 3 and ISDN.
12 Feb: We interview Balzer's Process Systems about the manufacture of MiniDisc blanks.
5 Feb: Maxell's latest optical disc technology offers 20 times the storage of CD. (Thanks George!)
17 Jan: PC Watch reported that Sony showed a concept stage prototype ``Picture MD Camera'' at Windows World '96.
17 Jan: Hardeep snoops out Sharp's comprehensive page for their new MD-MS200 portable recorder.
16 Dec: Sony will introduce a 650MB MiniDisc Data format this Spring. This is also briefly mentioned in a PC World Article. No word yet on what, if anything, this means for the audio MD format. (Thanks to Colin and Hardeep, and to Harry Singer for translation assistance).

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