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Syrovatka & Sabata EasyTitleKeyboard Remote Titler and Controller$49 EasyTitle2
72 x 130 x 29 mm

Description: EASYTITLE2 is back in production (10/01).  PC/AT keyboard hardware adapter that allows fast and comfortable MD titling and controlling on modern SONY MD decks as well as controlling of other audio devices like CD Player, Amplifier, Tuner, Tape, VCR, TV, etc.
Works with same decks as SONY RM-D10P but provides deep keyboard buffer for fast typing speed and useful Shift, Caps Lock and Back Space keys as well as other additional functionality. Features almost 400 configurable shortcut keys (it is easy to create a custom keyboard layout), build in countdown timer, build in repeatable countdown timer, 16 configurable (containing up to 8 commands) macros, 3 extra long (containing up to 1023 commands) macros, learning of shortcuts and macros from other remotes. Powered by four R6 (AA) batteries or by AC adapter.
Optional serial interface allows on-line and off-line titling and controlling from a computer.

Update: EasyTitle Version 2 has been released (August 6, 1999), with several added features including an optional serial port, for PC controlled titling.

Links: EasyTitle Page. DIY plans for the earlier EasyTitle 1.


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