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PMI Audio MD Report Junior

PMI Audio MD Report JuniorMD Report Junior



Description: Stereo Balanced Inputs on Neutrik XLR Connectors, Inputs Mic/Line Switchable, 48 V AB Phantom Power, Stereo Line Output on 3.5MM Jack Socket, Powerful Headphone Amplifier with Level Control, Headphone Output on 1/4" Jack Socket, Monitoring Switchable Between Source (Input) and MD (Tape), Mono Switch Feeds Single Input to Both Tracks of Recorder, Operates for Hours on 2 x 9V Batteries, Battery Low Warning LED, Lightweight Aluminium Chassis, Rugged Padded Soft Nylon Carrying Case (fanny pak) with Detachable Zipped Pouch for Accessories, Suitable for Use with DENON DMP-R70, Sony MZ-R3/30/35/50/55, TCD-D7/D8, PCM-M1, Sharp MDMS200H.

Links: PMI Audio's page for this unit. This unit can be purchased from PASS.


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