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Description: "Featuring a mono XLR balanced mic/line input with 48V phantom power, the MobiDisc also offers a mono XLR balanced line output, a built-in monitor loudspeaker and a 1/4-inch jack headphone socket. The front panel is easy to use and includes control switches for power, I/0 selection, high-pass filter (150Hz - 12dB/oct.) and LS on/off. A recording level control with LED PPM, LED indicators to monitor the charging and condition of the internal battery and a monitor volume control are also located on the front panel. In spite of the use of a stereo MiniDisc Walkman, the MobiDisc is a fully mono system. The input signal is recorded on both (L+R) channels of the MiniDisc. Output (line out, LED level meter, headphones and loudspeaker) is the summed signal of both (L+R) channels of the MiniDisc. The MobiDisc is powered by an internal Ni-MH rechargeable battery, which provide three to four hours of working time. The battery can be recharged in four hours by the internal intelligent charging circuit."

Links: Onyx has a page for this unit.


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