ASC Professional Housings

ASC MD-Report!

ASC MD-Report!MD-Report!GBP295 (GBP445 w/MZ-R35 fitted)

Description: The ASC MD-Report!, made by ASC in the U.K. takes the standard Sony MZ-R3/R30/R50 or Denon DMP-R70 and puts it in a strong steel chassis with professional XLR input/output connectors, a large rechargeable battery, mains adapter, and a built-in 'confidence' monitor amp and speaker. The whole unit is enclosed in a soft nylon case with shoulder strap and a zip pocket for mics, leads etc. Canford Audio are a stockist with an established export sales office: telephone +44 191 415 0044 or fax +44 191 416 0392. For ASC telephone +44 118 981 1000 or fax +44 118 981 9813.

Links: A reprinted Pro Audio Review article praises the MD-Report. This unit can be purchased from PASS.


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