Ikea ``Moppe'' Utility storage cases


All, ``Moppe'' Utility storage cases

Ikea ``Moppe'' Utility storage cases``Moppe'' Utility storage casesGBP 6-22

Description: Cheap and cheerful small sets of drawers and boxes. Ready assembled, unfinished beech/spruce plywood. They come in a range of sizes and styles, some obviously sized for cassette or CD. The drawers in the smaller (cassette) sized 'Moppe' are just the right height for MDs on their edge. In the store they suggest various ways the drawers can be painted and finished, including fitting handles.

User Comments: Watch out when shopping in Ikea, it can be addictive. I bought a Moppe when I went in for something else! I got the version with six different sized drawers, and now it is storing all my MD's (40, with plenty of room for more) my leads, microphone, headphones and even my portable when I am not using it! -Alison Clayton

Links: Ikea (has store locator). Moppe page (smallest size drawers shown).


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