Fisher Boombox

Fisher PH-MD100

Sanyo MCD-3100
Fisher PH-MD100
AM/FM/MD/CD/Cassette boombox
Intro: 1

IN: line, mic. OUT: headphonesW486xH166xD291mm, 5.9kg

Features: AM/FM/MD/CD/Cassette boombox. Jog-dial for Volume, Equalizer, Bass and titling. Backlit (Fluorescent) display. Clock-timer (wake-up, timed record and sleep functions). Auto-reverse cassette with unique high-speed CD to tape dubbing (sadly no high-speed CD to MD). Full function remote control. Large, attractive dot-matrix display.

Specs: AC input: 100/120/230VAC FM : 87.5 - 108 MHz (0.05 MHz steps) 76 - 90 MHz (0.1 MHz steps) AM: 522 - 1710 (9 KHz steps) 520 - 1710 (10 KHz steps)

User comments: Oscar Fowler: Nice size (not too big/small). Sound is decent (for a boombox). Shows timestamp of MD recordings if available (relatively rare feature), and timestamps its own recordings. The CD->tape recording functions are very impressive. For example, you can set it so that it never truncates songs when switching tape sides during a record - it'll skip the end of the first side of the tape and start the song at the beginning of the next side. Too bad I don't use tapes anymore... Above-average manual in both English and Spanish. Final verdict: I'm very impressed with the features of this unit. I would definitely recommend getting one if you want a boombox that plays everything. Peter Ravn: Can automatically insert track marks after 1.5s drop in sound input, or at fixed intervals (2,3,4 ... 30, 45 min.). Has REC-IT feature that with one button press records the entire CD track you're currently listening to to the end of the MD. CD to MD recording is done digitally.

Links: Sanyo Europe's page for the unit. Fisher's page for their clone. Hue Beavers gives his comments on the Fisher PHMD-100 boombox.


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