Beta Version

WinNmd: NetMD Realtime Uploading
November 2002

Beta Version


Christian Klukas has written a Windows GUI program (command line version available) for uploading audio tracks from NetMD Minidisc equipment to a PC via an analog* audio connection. It stores the tracks on the PC hard drive in WAV or MP3 format (with user selectable bitrates). The MD track titles are read from the MD and used for the audio filename as well as the ID3 tag on the MP3 file.

*Digital transfer possible with a Sony MDS-JB980 or Sony MDS-JE780 NetMD deck.



Software Required

Hardware Required


  1. Make sure the Sony NetMD drivers have been installed.
  2. Download Microsoft .NET Framework and install it.
  3. Download Win NetMD and install it.
  4. Connect the stereo patch cable between your LINE/Headphone output and your PC's LINE input.
  5. Play an MD and use the Windows "SOUND RECORDER" program (under Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment) to record a bit of audio to make sure the cable is good and audio levels are set right. Adjust input levels if required (Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio -> Sound Recording -> Volume. You may need to select Options -> Advanced Controls, then click Advanced and turn on or off the Microphone Boost).
  6. Connect your NetMD unit to your PC's USB port.
  7. Exit OpenMG Jukebox if it starts.
  8. Start WinNmd. It should read the track names and display them in a window.
  9. Select the tracks you want to transfer, then "right-click" on one of the selected tracks and choose "MD==>PC"
  10. Choose the destination folder and the bitrate (don't choose an invalid bitrate! Stick with standard MP3 bitrates, e.g. 128, 192, etc).
  11. Click OK -- transfer starts.
  12. When the "progress indicator" (which does not progress) disappears, the tracks have been transfered.

Martin Jahn's comments:

I think the combination of a NetMD deck (the MDS-JE780 starts around 250€ these days!) which features S/PDIF-out and a decent PC soundcard with S/PDIF-in together with Win NMD (automatic track splitting, which seems to be exact in its current version, and on-the-fly MP3 encoding if you want) does a good job in terms of automated uploading of your recorded stuff, with the ability to preserve also SP-mode quality. It's only realtime but can be done completely unattended, so it's not too bad. And if you convert your WAVs to SHN or APE format, which are lossless and achieve compression factors around 50%, you avoid generational recompression loss. This means that you end up with about 450MB of data for a 80 minute SP-recorded MD. Acceptable with a 4.7GB DVD in mind (e.g. for archiving purposes of PC-edited material).

(A decent soundcard doesn't mean expensive! On the contrary, the SoundBlaster Live! family (and similar) is bad in this regard, as it inherently does a resampling to 48kHz which means two resamplings if you record to a 44.1k WAV! I recently replaced mine with a cheap Zoltrix "Nightingale Pro 6" (available for 40€ at or 60€ at, the latter one in English and with international shipping available) which can run at 44.1 kHz natively and has been shown in reviews (to be found on the Web!) that it is able to store the incoming data bit-exact.)

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