Miyadisc86 FAQ
Updated, July 2000
  1. What are Miyadiscs?

  2. They are normal 80m59s MiniDiscs with a special User Table of Contents ("UTOC") that places every last block of contiguous recordable area on the disc into the free list. Total capacity is 86m28s.
  3. Will they work in my machine?

  4. They have limited compatibility. We are using the beta test period to determine how well they work in various machines (watch this page). Generally they do not work past 82 minutes in Sony portables prior to the MZ-R900 series. Wolfgang Buresch, who pioneered this technique, has compiled a [slightly dated] compatibility list.
    Machine Play okay? Overwrite Record okay? Erase + Record okay? Comments
    Sharp MD-MS702 Yes Some strange noises at very end
    Sony MZ-R900 Yes Recording proceeds normally, however the effective recording capacity is not 345 minutes in LP4 but rather closer to 326 minutes No, free space returns to 80:59 after track delete
    Sony Portables prior to MZ-R900 series No
    Aiwa AM-F70
    Aiwa AM-F3
    Yes No, unit lacks overwrite-record function No, free space returns to 80:59 after track delete
    Sony MDX-C7900 Yes N/A Has some trouble past leadout with fast search forward and reverse
    Aiwa XR-MD100 Partial ? Played to within 1m40s of very end, then stopped
    Sony MDS-JE320
    Sony MDS-JE500
    Sony MDS-JE510 (N. American model)
    No ? Won't play track #3 of beta disc
    Sony MDS-JE520 Partial ? Played track #3 part way through, then stopped
    Sony MDS-JE330
    Sony MDS-JE530
    Yes ? ?
    Sony MDS-W1
    Sony MDS-JB930
    Yes Yes No, free space returns to 80:59 after track delete MDS-JB930 will not time-stamp the Miyadisc
    Kenwood DM-5090 Partial No, unit lacks overwrite-record function No, free space returns to 80:59 after track delete Unit hiccupped once during playback of track #3, but completed playing it
    These results are based upon experience with the beta disc, (see information for beta testers for a description of the disc).
  5. You mention ``unusual mechanical noises'' in your letter to the beta testers. Will these discs damage my machine?

  6. Recording into the area beyond leadout can cause some optical assemblies to be run up against internal stops, or the machine housing. We don't know if this is harmful. Hopefully the beta test period will help us understand this.
  7. Will these discs void my machine's warranty?

  8. Unknown at this time. We hope to hear from manufacturers about their policy on these discs.
  9. What will the discs cost?

  10. We anticipate the price will be $10 each (including shipping), though somewhat lower if you cannot clone them and need them in quantity.
  11. You mean I can clone them?

  12. Yes, if you have a machine capable of TOC cloning. We have no quibble with this, or with giving clones to your friends. Please don't set up a business selling your clones though, we went through considerable effort to make these discs.
  13. Which brand 80 minute blanks do you start with?

  14. Various brands. Currently Hi-Space and Sony.
  15. How do you make the discs?

  16. With a normal Sony MDH-10 MD Data drive and a special program.
  17. How did you figure out the UTOC format?

  18. By experimentation, and frequent glances at Wolfgang Buresch's MiniDisc Secrets and MiniDisc Analyzer pages. We eventually made a page describing the UTOC data structures we found
  19. How can I order them?

  20. After the beta test completes, an order form will appear on the Miyadisc Page.
  21. I notice the URL for Miyadisc is under the MiniDisc.org page, what's the relationship?

  22. Miyadisc is an experimental business run by Toshi, the MDCP editor's son (albeit with considerable help from his dad).
  23. Who's Miya?

  24. The family cat.

[email protected]

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