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To interrupt playback:
Press the button during playback.

To stop playback:
Press the /:OFF button. To turn off the power:
Press the /:OFF button while in the stop mode. To remove the MiniDisc:
Turn off the power and move the EJECT lever in the direction indicated by the arrow.

When using the unit with just the batteries in the battery case:
  • The auto-play function will not work.
  • To start playback, hold down the button for about 1 second.
  • Even if a MiniDisc is replaced while the power is turned off, the random or repeat play settings will remain unchanged in memory.
Precautions when making connections:
  • Do not use any remote control unit, except for the one included with this unit.
  • Insert each plug securely, all the way in.
  • Be sure to hold the plug when removing it. If you pull on the cord, it may break, or the unit may malfunction.
Interrupted sound:
  • This product is designed to eliminate interruptions in the sound which can be caused by vibrations. However, if the unit is continuously exposed to vibrations or mechanical shock, the sound may be interrupted momentarily.
When the sound is distorted:
  • If the volume is too high while the bass is being emphasized, the sound may be distorted, depending on the music on the track. If this happens, decrease the bass level or lower the volume level.
  • If the volume is increased to "VOL 26" or higher, the bass level will be adjusted automatically.
    (This is done to reduce the distortion in the sound.)
  • When the unit is not to be used immediately after a MiniDisc has been inserted, or when you plan to carry the unit, turn off the power or cancel the auto-play function. Otherwise, the auto-play function will be activated and the batteries will run down.
  • Since the main unit and the AC adaptor can heat up during use, you should avoid allowing the unit to be in direct contact with your skin for any length of time.
When using the unit with a car adaptor:
  • When switching off the ignition during playback, the power to this unit will also be turned off. When the ignition is switched on, playback will start from the beginning of the track where playback was halted (Resume auto-play function). However, the power to the unit may not be turned off when the ignition is turned off, depending on the type of car.
Current page: 22