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Creating marks while making a mic recording (Timed auto mark function)

Marks can be created at a fixed interval (every 5 minutes is the default setting) so that the beginning of any track can be found. The interval at which marks are created can be changed by the user.

While in the recording stand-by mode or while recording, press the EDIT/A.MARK/ TIME MARK button.

About the timed auto mark:
Whenever a recording begins, a track number will be created automatically.
  • : Track number which is created when a silence lasts for 3 seconds or more during synchro recording.
  • : Track number which is created by the timed auto mark function.
  • Example when the setting is for "5 minutes":

    When making a mic synchro recording

    When making a mic manual recording

    When the timed auto mark setting has been changed

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