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Type of recording
Two types of recording are possible: "Digital recording" and "Analog recording". There are different cables and connections for each type of recording, depending on the jacks on the equipment being connected to the unit.
(1) Analog recording
Connect the unit to equipment that has a line output jack, using the cable included with this unit.
  • Main equipment: CD player, MD player, radio cassette player, etc.
  • Cable required: Connecting cable included with this unit

(2) Digital recording
Connect the unit to equipment that has an optical output jack using an optical digital cable (available optionally). Using an optical signal to transfer the music to a MiniDisc allows very high quality recording.
  • Main equipment: DSS tuner, CD player, MD player, etc.
  • Cable required: Optical digital cable (AD-M1DC or AD-M2DC, available optionally)

To the optical jack (square shaped jack) on a stereo, etc. To the optical output jack (round shaped jack) on an MD player etc.
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