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Notes about the rechargeable battery

Since the rechargeable battery is vulnerable to damage, please note the following.

To avoid damaging the battery and shortening its service life, please note the following.


Remote control unit
  1. Synchro Recording Indicator
  2. Character/Time Information Indicator
  3. Record Indicator
  4. Repeat Indicator:
  5. Random Indicator
  6. Disc Mode Indicator
  7. Total Track Number Display
  8. Track Number Indicator
  9. Battery Indicator:
  10. Headphones Jack
  11. Hold Switch
  12. Play Mode Button
  13. Volume Buttons: +,-
  14. Bass Button
  15. Display Button
  16. Play/Pause Button:
  17. Stop/Power Off Button:
  18. Fast Reverse/Fast Forward Buttons: /
Current page: 4