Minidisc UK Titlers

Minidisc UK MiniDisc Titler

Minidisc UK MiniDisc TitlerPC to Sony MD Walkman titling interface - v2.0UK:£21.50, elsewhere: US$40
PC side: parallel port, MD side: Sony remote 4 pin plug

Description: The MiniDisc Titler connects between a PC's printer port and a Sony MD Walkman. With the bundled software you will be able to control basic MD functions and title your discs from your PC keyboard, without having to use the remote control.

Links: Available from Minidisc UK.

Compatability: Functions with these Sony MD portable recorders: MZ-R37, MZ-R70, MZ-R55, MZ-R90, MZ-R91, MZ-R700/R701, MZ-G750/G755, MZ-R900.


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