Tascam Multitrack

Tascam 564

(1.0MB) (1648x1426)
Tascam 564MiniDisc Multitrack Recorder
Intro: 1
MSRP ¥129,000
in: mic/lin x 4 (XLR & 1/4"phone) insertion x 2 (1/4" phone), stereo x 2 (1/4" phone), stereo sub x 2 (1/4" phone), 2tr in x 1 (RCA) out: line x 1 (RCA), monitor x 1 (RCA), track out x 4 (RCA), effect send x 2 (1/4" phone), cue out x 1 (1/4" phone), head phones x 1 (1/4" phone), digital out x 1 (S/PDIF RCA). MIDI in, out, thru.444 x 403 x 126mm 6kg


  • Records up to 4 tracks simultaneously on MD-Data disks. Can play and record normal MD audio disks in 2 track (stereo) mode.
  • 11.6ms editing accuracy.
  • Up to 5 songs can be set up, which can each have a title and up to 20 index marks.
  • Digital domain segment copy (bypassing ATRAC codec).
  • Jog dial "rocket search" function gives 2-32X playback speeds.
  • Can seek directly to index marks in songs.
  • Loop playback mode repeats a segment continually with 0 to 9.9 seconds delay each iteration.
  • Index program mode allows up to 99 patterns to be marked and played back in any sequence, including repetitions of groups of sequences (e.g.: intro/chorus/lead/chorus/lead/ending)
  • Up to 5 new takes can be made of a section of a recording and tested in place without destroying the original take.
  • Pitch control +/- 9.9% in .1% steps.
  • Can bounce 4 tracks down to 1 or 2 on the fly.



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