Ferrero Rocher Disc Holders

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Packaging

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates PackagingChocolates Packaging~$3.50

Description: Italian chocolate in a plastic box which holds 27 MDs without their cover or 8 with covers and 11 without.

Links: Martin Borus' information about this case.

Comments: Following the article about the German fellow using Ferrero Rochers' boxes as MD cases, I noticed that the 375g boxes (30 Rochers) sold by Ferrero in France are the ideal solution to store 20 MDs with their cases. -Xav

I noticed in the supermarket the other day that they have changed to design of these chocolate boxes that make good MD cases. They have rounded off all the edges and corners, so now square MDs will not fit as well as before. The chocolates still taste okay though! Alison Clayton


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