Eclipse Automobile

Eclipse 6341/E500MDT

Eclipse 6341
Eclipse E500MDT
In dash MD changer / receiver
Intro: 1
MSRP $900

Features: Receiver is outfitted with a 3-disc changer/+1-disc player (holds 4MDs in entire unit and can change any of 3 while 4th is playing)

  • E-LAN advanced datalink system for fast data transmission between Eclipse components.
  • large and easy-to-read 5x7 matrix LCD displays artist/track/title names
  • CD changer control
  • 10 second shock-proof memory for uninterrupted play over rough terrain
  • high speed track access
  • remote control (infrared credit card size)
  • PLL freq synthesized electronic tuner
    • STARTUNER IV for superior FM reception
    • automatic separation and tone control
    • dual gate MOSFET; soft mute circuitry
    • 3 ceramic filters, FM noise blanker
    • auto station memory, preset scan
    • 24 presets (18FM/6AM)
    • local/distant switching, one-touch station memory
  • cellular telephone automute
  • 4x9W (20-20000Hz, 0.8% THD) output max 4x25W
  • separate bass/treble control, balance control, preamp fader, loudness
  • AM tuner: 530-1710 kHz range, 25dB sensitivity
  • FM tuner: 87.7-107.9 MHz, sens 15dBf, 20dbf quieting sens, 38dB separation


Eclipse 6031

Eclipse 60313-Disc MD Changer
Intro: 1
MSRP $400

Features: Glove/trunk mounted for use for Eclipse head units. High speed access, shock proof.


Eclipse E5309CMT

Eclipse E5309CMTcar CD/MD player
Intro: 2
RCA?178(W) x 100(H) x 165(D)mm, 3.3kg

Features: 4MD, 1CD in-dash unit. "Smart digital" 2 DIN. Tiny wireless remote, full text title display, built-in PNR (pulse noise reduction) for better AM/FM reception, 6 mode equalizer, shock protection.

Links: Eclipse's Japanese page for this unit.

Specs: FM reception frequency: 76.0MHz - 90.0MHz, 40W max output.


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