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Personal MD stereo system MDX-G7 S:Silver W:White hope retail price 58,000 yen (excluding tax and card type remote control attachment)Image
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Specification of (*opushon'akutibusabuuufah*) SW-G7 main open price

The speaker which can be folded is adopted. Carrying is (*rakurak*).
New structure that right and left speaker can be folded behind main body. The system which entered unique MD・CD・FM/AM which can be carried compactly and easily.
Can packing of favorite music by four times MD, and equipped with MDLP of recording and reproduction for a long time
MD length play mode (MDLP) which usual stereo twice record/four times and can be reproduced is installed. MD of about the maximum 320 minutes can record. CD of 2 piece sets can be recorded to one MD, and the twice velocity dubbing is possible at the MDLP mode. In addition, a variegated possible etc, a recording function to record about about the maximum 160 minute was installed in the best monaural length time for language study study mode. Image
The player of the MDLP non-correspondence cannot reproduce the truck recorded in the MDLP mode. The disk where the stereo/the monaural recording and the recording in the MDLP mode exist together can reproduce only the stereo/the monaural recording.
Twice velocity dubbing function that recording from CD to MD is completed at half time. *
The twice velocity dubbing function that dubbing can be speedily done from CD to MD at half usual time is installed. Moreover, the recording to 1 and all tunes can be operated by one-touch. (O.T.E . function)
* When the twice velocity dubbing is done from CD to MD once, same CD cannot be recorded from point by which the recording begins for 74 minutes at the twice velocity.
High pitched sound quality system of new style with two thin body & thin way speaker of about 51mm. *
The main body achieves the small size and lightness in the thin type of about 51mm. Moreover, the speaker also develops two (*weibasurefusupiikah*) of about 31mm in thickness. New style which can be used with tapestry.
* In the tapestry, it can be had to use it with the folder for the tapestry in the back in a screw etc. on the market.
For battery drive to be able to store six AA dry batteries in slim body
Battery drive of six AA dry batteries. CD battery life is about 2.5 hours, MD playback battery life is about 3.5 hours. Image
Easy is equipped with terminal USB IN & optical, digital input terminal which can be connected with the personal computer. *
It is possible to connect it with the personal computer with the USB input terminal. The music data of the personal computer is easy and is reproduced by the high pitched sound quality. Moreover, when the optical, digital input terminal is connected with the personal computer, a digital recording to MD is also possible.
* The signal from USB is converted into an analog signal once. [It] becomes only a reproduction of the music data when connecting it with the personal computer with the terminal USB, and it is not possible to record to MD. Moreover, it is not possible to control from the personal computer. The condition of the personal computer which connects it has the terminal USB, and is Intel MMX(R) Pentium(R) 200MHz or more and is Windows(R) 98 Personal computer which is preinstalled SE and works normally. The operation by other OS is not a guarantee.
* Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of United States Microsoft Corporation. A formal name of Windows 98 is Microsoft Windows operating system. Pentium is a registered trademark of United States Intel Corporation.
With built-in the AM antenna (When recording, an external antenna is used).
The clock can be displayed at power supply OFF.
Equipped with sampling rate converter which can digital be recorded from BS/CS etc.

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