● Size) when speaker opensImage
● Size) when speaker is foldedImage
折り畳み時 カード型リモコン
● Size W470×H174×D134) when stand is used
● Mass) mass:1.7kg

- G7 function table
MD recorder
Recording function CD→MD twice velocity recording It is possible to record from CD to MD by twice the speed.
One-touch Edith recording O.T.E . One-touch can record with the button.
(*shinkurorekk*) It is possible to record by synchronizing it from CD to MD.
MDLP (twice/four times) recording and reproduction function It is possible to record and to reproduce by twice length/four times.
Edit function Move The tune can be moved.
(*debaid*)/combine [It] divides/the tune can be synthesized.
All/(*torakkuireis*) All tunes/can be deleted.
Character information Title information input/display function [It] inputs/the title can be displayed (80 characters or less per one)(portable telephone input method + loop method).
CD player
Program random reproduction It is possible to reproduce with arbitrary 曲順(unknown word) of 曲順(unknown word)/the microcomputer of the favor.
Repetition reproduction mode Three kinds of of one/all tunes/programs are repeated and can be reproduced.
CD text display※1 The CD text can be displayed.
FM stereo Frequency band region where FM electric wave can be received:76MHz-90MHz
AM monaural Frequency band region where AM electric wave can be received:531kHz-1629kHz
Antenna with built-in AM※2 The antenna for AM is built into the main body.
External antenna terminal [It] equips it with two terminals for AM/FM.
Number of (*puriset*) bureaux (total of FM/AM) 40 (number of total bureaux to which FM station and AM station can be memorized)
FM automatic bureau name display The broadcasting station name registered in the main body can be displayed automatically.
Awake timer (O.T.T) The source set at the set time can be reproduced.
*** 録(unknown word) timer (PROG.1.2) <again> The recording and the reproduction to MD can be done at the set time.
(*suriiputaimah*) After the set time, the power supply can be turned off (90 minutes at most of every ten minutes).
Tone quality
Low high pitched sound adjustment The bass and the high pitched sound can be adjusted in detail.
Low region correction (*raudones*) and a natural bus/the low high pitched sound adjustment can be selected.
Speaker Two ways ((*uufah*) +2.5cm (*tsiitah*) 7cm)
Dry battery
For dry battery AA dry battery ×6
Reproduction time- Alkali dry battery (h) When MD reproduces 3.5
When CD reproduces 2.5
When radio reproduces 5.5
Input terminal [It] equips it with two systems of AUX/USB.
Headphone terminal [It] corresponds to the headphone of the stereo mini-plug.
Optical, digital input terminal [It] equips it with (*oputikarutaip*) of the AUX sharing.
(*sabuuufah*) output Optional (*sabuuufah*) can be connected.
Off auto power (APS) The power supply is automatically turned off from the state of the stop in the fixed time.
Practical, maximum output (EIAJ4Ω) 2W+2W(EIAJ)
Ratings consumption electric power (W) ※3
Mm some the maximum and externals sizes (width × height × interior taking) 470×172(174)※4 ×51(134)※4 /236×172×74※5
Mass about kg 1.7(The dry battery contains it).
Attached goods
Remote control unit Card type (with built-in button battery)
Power supply code AC adaptor
AM antenna Loop antenna type
※1 The CD text display displays the disk title and the title of the tune up to 1000 characters by the alphabet and the figure.
※2 Please use an external antenna when recording to MD.
※3 Attachment AC adaptor (AC100V,50/60Hz) DC8V output.
※4 When stand is used.
※5 When you fold the speaker.

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