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Olympus C-1400L

Manufacturer's Recommended Sale Price JPY128,000

Olympus top-end model. Very high professional-level resolution, and a good long lens. Like all the Olympus', uses both SmartMedia flash cards and an RS232C port to communicate with PCs. This is an awesome camera.

The software in the PC Kit includes Kai's PhotoSoap and is in Japanese but functions on English Windows - you just have to guess how it works. The usual Windows shortcut keys work - e.g. Alt-F A gives you Save As...

For pure convenience the Fujifilm FDA-1 - (flashcard adaptor) allows the flashcard to be read as if it were a floppy disk and then you use your own software to manipulate the JPG file produced. This is the way I do it.

0.3m to 3.6m (wide angle)
Feature Details
Official Name Camedia Digital Camera C-1400L
Package includes C-1400L
lens cap
lens cap holder
3.3V 4Mb SmartMedia memory card
Lithium coin battery
4 AA size alkali dry cell batteries
manual (no English)
Lens 9.8 to 28mm f2.8 to f3.9
35mm camera equivalent: 36mm to 110mm
Pixels 1,410,000 (max resolution 1280x1024)
Light Digitiser 2/3 inch charge-coupled device
White Balance Full Auto TTL
Light metering Centre-weighted TTL
Sensitivity ISO100 equivalent
Lens range Wide range of lens capability coupled with digital zoom
0.3m to infinity
Flash Range 0.2m to 2.5m (telephoto)
Shutter Speed 1/4 to 1/10,000
Ports DC In, RS232C, Printer out
Finder, Monitor Finder includes sighting mark and autofocus mark
Monitor is 1.8 inch TFT colour panel with 61k pixels
4Mb Chip capacity Super High Quality Mode (1280x1024) - 4
Super Quality Mode (640x512) - 49
Other features 12 second self timer
TTL Autofocus
Internal clock calender (to 2016)
clock has battery backup to permit main battery change
Flash recycle 7 secs
Time and date automatically recorded
Optional Accessories Spare 4Mb (JPY6800) and 8Mb (JPY8800) memory cards
PC Kit C-3KP JPY10,000
Printer P-150 JPY49,800
Printer Cable (camera to printer) CB-P82 JPY1,000
PC Card Adaptor MA-1 JPY10,000
Moulded case CS-1400 JPY3500
Weight 470g (without battery)
Dimensions 115mm x 83mm x 130mm


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