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This device permits the standard flash memory cards used by Fuji, Olympus and other digital cameras to be loaded directly into the 3.5" floppy slot of a PC and files to be copied exactly as if it were a 8Mb floppy disk. Files can be copied to or from the memory chip.

The flash card adaptor comes with a driver that installs on any Win95 pc. The documentation is in Japanese, but by following the defaults (pressing the "Next" button) it works perfectly. Thereafter merely inserting the Adaptor into the Floppy Drive is enough to activate the driver, and make the memory chip contents available.

The possible uses are endless, but the rapid moving of picture data from camera to PC is what it is designed for. I use it to move very big files from home to office and vice versa. The flash card is as large as a large postage stamp and tucks neatly in my wallet.

The adaptor accepts both 3.3V and 5V flash cards of any size.

MSRP JPY12,000.

The pictured Fujifilm 8Mb 3.3V card costs JPY8,000


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