65 Minute Recordable MiniDiscs


Ever heard of the 80 minutes MiniDiscs ? Do you think your (old) 60 minute MiniDiscs are too 'small' ? Now you can upgrade them to 65 minute MDs. You can make them if you have a fully recorded 74 min. MD and if you know how to copy the TOC to another disc.

Now to the point:

  1. Copy the TOC of a (full) 74 min. MD to an (empty) 60 min. MD.
  2. Erase all the tracks on the 60 min. MD with the '74 TOC'.
  3. Start recording on the 60 min. disc until it's full.

While recording past the 60:59 max my recorder just went on recording. With approx. 9 minutes to go the display showed a write Error. It created a trackmark itself and cut the last number, where it couldn't write data. After that the disc was full for 65:31 minutes and showed 0 minutes free space.

It worked with several Sony MDW 60 discs. I just overwrite the discs to keep the TOC at '65 minutes'

Notice: This will not work for all systems. The systems I experienced with are a MDS-JE520, a MZ-R3, a MZ-R35 and a MZ-E25.

The MZ-R3 and the MZ-R35 couldn't read the last track completely, they couldn't read after the 60:59. This problem is described in other pages where the expanded discs are discussed.

The MZ-E25 had no problems at all with the expanded disc.

I'm not responsible for anything, everything you do is at your own risk. Be careful not to erase precious music and be careful when you enter testmode!! Any questions or suggestions? Mail me @ [email protected]
P.S. It is now possible to send music/information to someone in a 'safe' way. Put data on it in the extended space put the TOC of a 60 min. MD on it and send it to the other person that knows about the 'hidden' information. No one else but the two of you knows about the hidden information or expects it to be there..... you understand ? No?, never mind :)

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