Wash and Wear MiniDisc

Here's a true story about Mini-Disk:

One Sony 60 minute MD, went through the entire hot wash cycle in a Whirlpool washing machine. Took it out still dripping water, picked open the shutter, wiped it with lens cleaning paper and then air dried it 1 hour. Two months later, after re-recording 6 times, it is still good.

Jonathan T. Wang ([email protected])

Another user concurs:

A friend of mine lost two MD's I'd made for her. She found them a day later: she had forgotten them in one of her pants' pockets. The thing is, those pants were in the laundry and they had gone through the whole cycle (washer/dryer). Just for kicks, she waited until they were completely dry (there was still some moisture inside the case), and found that they both still worked! Unfortunately, the labels were unreadable, but I guess you can't have it all...

Oscar Fowler ([email protected])

Tim Cooper adds:
I am a music nut. I carry all mine on Minidisc in my pockets and in my rucksack. One day the inevitable happened. My girlfriend washed my jeans with two discs in the pockets. Thankfully they were not pre-recorded and apart from one track, both played ok once dried out. I made a digi clone of each disc and I discarded (though not disposed of) the washed ones. I am a little hesitant about using them for fresh recordings (these will be dump recordings or they may even be used as 'full blanks' for TOC cloning). Is there any danger? I would think a rinse in distilled water would be prudent. You don't want any detergent or softener residue gumming up the magnetic head when it makes contact with the disc during recording. -eaw

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