How to Join the MiniDisc Mailing List

You can join the MiniDisc mailing list by sending mail to [email protected] the message body should contain ``subscribe MD-L <your name>''. This mailing list has ongoing discussions (~30 messages/day) of MD related topics.

To unsubscribe, send a mail message to [email protected], the message body should contain ``unsubscribe MD-L''. There are a few further details on controlling the MD-L listserver described below, such as enabling ``digest mode'' (highly recommended).

If you want to participate in the mailing list discussion, but don't have an email address, you can sign up for RocketMail, a free web based email service.

The MiniDisc Mailing List Archives

The archives of MD-L are accessible at and date back to February 1993.

Controlling the MiniDisc Mailing List Server

Mail Reception Modes

There are four possible mail modes: ACK, NOACK, DIGEST, and POSTPONE. To set these modes, compose a message to:
[email protected]
with one of these in the body: (Subject: doesn't matter) The meaning of these modes are as follows:
send a copy of the current message to the original sender.
do not send a copy of the current message to the original sender. This is the default for newly subscribed users.
do not send individual messages to the particular subscriber. Instead, store messages in a digest and send it when the digest exceeds a specified number of lines, or when a specified amount of time has passed since the last digest was sent.

If the mail mode is changed from digest to any- thing else, all messages currently stored for the next digest will be sent to the subscriber at once, in digest format.

do not send any messages to the particular subscriber until he changes status again.

Further information on unsubscribing

As mentioned in the subscription acknowledgement message that you hopefully saved when you subscribed, simply send an email message to [email protected] with the line ``unsubscribe md-l'' (leave off the quotes) in the body (the subject line is ignored). These requests are handled automatically and take a couple of days to process.

Please do NOT send email about subscription problems to the mailing list itself or reply to the messages you get from the list -- your message goes to everyone on the list and none of them can get you unsubscribed. As a last resort, try sending a private email to someone who seems to know what's going on.

After sending your ``unsubscribe'' request you should receive an email reply telling you that you were unsubscribed. If you get a reply that says you are not on the list, send the commands ``which'' (to tell you what lists it thinks you're subscribed to) and ``review md-l'' to see if you email address is in there but under a slightly different form (unsubscription requests require your current ``From:'' address to match exactly the address used to subscribe).

If you do not get any reply after a couple of days the listserver is probably down -- try sending it again or sending the ``help'' command. If you're pulling your hair out try sending email to ``[email protected]'' -- that is the address given in the ``Errors-To:'' line of md-l messages.

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