Unlimited Length Patter Tunes

From: [email protected] (KIM ANDREASEN)
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 20:12:00 +0100
Subject: Re: MiniDisc benefits
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>> BOB LAFLEUR recently wrote:
BL>It is possible to "lengthen" your patter music so that you
BL>don't have to worry about running out of music. You can record
BL>your patter record several times, then "edit out" the intros
BL>and endings, and make one "long" patter record.

This is done more elegantly (and space efficient) on the MZ-R3: I just
record the patter tune once. Then play it and put a "track
mark" exactly at the end of the intro and just before the ending.

Now the tune is divided into:
 Track one  : The intro
 Track two  : The body part
 Track three: The ending

I simply start playing track one. Well into track two, I press a
button, and the little wonder will keep repeating track two until all
dancers have fallen apart... Then, just as they're promenading (or so)
the last time, I press another button, and - voila - here comes the
ending perfectly timed. You'd better remember to turn off the repeat,
or you'll get a lot of endings :)

With this technique, and the mono recording feature - I've room for 37
or 38 patter tunes in "infinite" length on each disk. So
it's feasible, as Harmut suggests, to record in different speeds.

Oh, I'd better ask the obvious question myself: Holes in the music
when moving from the end of track one to start of track two, and from
end of track two to start of track two?

No way, bud. This machines reads 10 secs in advance, stores it in a
buffer, and plays it from there while the laser is moving from one
track to another. Not a single blop is heard.

Only when you skip from somewhere in the middle of track two to the
ending there's a little hole. But not very much - less than the time a
Hilton uses to move the arm. BTW it can't move to the ending, only to
the beginning....<g>

And it's VERY easy to place the track marks between beat 64 and 1. If
you fail, just erase it and try again. Nothing's lost. In effect,
you're editing a data file on a floppy rather than a piece of music...

BL>Or, I can even program it to play two songs in a row
BL>(say, two singing calls), walk off the stage with my

Well, that feechur's missing from its little brother...

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