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News release

< new Product information >

Charge stand attachment of best and stereo speaker and timer equipment to desktop. Portable MD2 model by which longest long play of about 153 hours in the industry is achieved is put on the market.

Kenwood Corporation (The president:Hiroshi Nakano and headquarters:Tokyo Shibuya ward) puts two models of “DMC-P33" by which portable MD player “DMC-P55" who can use it as a minimum system while achieve a continuous reproduction over the longest 153 hours in the industry *1, equip the charge stand with the stereo speaker and the timer for the first time in the industry, and set in the charge stand to say nothing of a portable youth and the refined Dimple design are adopted on the market on November 1.

Name of articles Serial number/color Hope retail price Sale time The first number of monthly production
Portable MD player DMC-P55-W DMC-P55-L (white)(blue) DMC-P55-P (pink) Opening November 1 25,000
DMC-P33-S DMC-P33-L (silver)(blue) DMC-P33-P (pink) Opening November 1 25,000

DMC-P55-W (white)

- Plan background

*** The difference between makers is recent in a basic performance. <it is not easy to be admitted> portable MD market only for the reproduction; The design and the function had come to be located as a high rank of the selection standard.; Moreover, the tendency to which the sales ratio of equipments which correspond to the reproduction of the disk recorded with MDLP rises is shown as the equipment spreads equipped with MDLP which appeared last year. I will put portable only for the reproduction by which two different design tastes are given MD“DMC-P55/P33" on the market in in such a situation and our company while a basic performance is enhanced. The charge stand is equipped with the stereo speaker, and “DMC-P55" can be used as a minimum system on desktop and the trip. Moreover, because the timer is built into the stand, a variegated usage like the (*suriip*) function and the timer reproduction function, etc. which synchronize with the alarm clock and the main body by the alarm can be done. The ornament with the logo was treated, and high-level feeling has adopted the overflowing design for the design. Moreover, “DMC-P33" refines the design of the Dimple of the favorable comment further, and produces (*shahpunes*) and lightness. Either model also enables *1-one longest 153 hour in industry continuous reproduction by using together about the charge pond and the alkali single 三(unknown word) battery about MD corresponding to reproduction function “MDLP" for a long time. Moreover, [it] searches for the tune at the twice a usual TRACK search speed (ratio of our company), and the function that introduction “iGAME" etc. by which [it] can play a game by the tickle of "JET search" and the play core are glad is installed. *** [It] appeals to all user layers where [it] sticks to a basic performance, and the appearance of a new model to <design> function.
*1: LP4 mode (four time recording) disk reproduces as of October 3, 2001:Charge pond + alkali single 三(unknown word) dry battery using together.

- Feature of product

  1. The first in industry. The charge stand with built-in stereo speaker & timer is attached. (DMC-P55)

    The stereo speaker and the timer were built into the charge stand for the first time the industry. It is also possible to use it as minimum systems of (*suriiputaimah*) of 90 minutes or less and the timer reproduction, etc. by the alarm clock function by another who can listen to the music recorded to MD on desktop, the bed side, and the trip with the speaker and the alarm and the main body synchronizations.

  2. *** "About 153 <the longest in the industry and continuous reproduction> hours" is achieved by the low consumption electric power design.

    A continuous reproduction of *2 for about 54 hours is achieved by the low consumption electric power design on one attached nickel hydrogen charge pond. The continuous reproduction time of the longest about 153 hours in the industry in using with the single 三(unknown word) alkali dry battery together *2 has been achieved. * 2:When you reproduce the disk recorded in the LP4 mode

  3. The disk of 320 minutes or less can reproduce. [It] corresponds to “MDLP".

    The reproduction of the disk recorded in a mode which was another of MD usually recorded as MD corresponded to reproduction standard “MDLP" for a long time, LP2, and was each LP4 became possible, and the disk reproduction of 320 minutes or less became possible. The annoyingness of the disk change when going out for a long time by achieving the reproduction is canceled.

  4. D.A.S.C automatically . "Active power saving circuit" by which the mode is switched.

    It is strong in the vibration, and adopts "Active power saving circuit" by which the 振(unknown word) mode is automatically switched detecting the vibration/reading in “SUPER D.A.S.C." of 160 second or less *2 memory. The music data was enabled to be memorized to reading the disk corresponding to the shake which happened at the time of the actual carrying about and the vibration and the memory at the same time as need not set an annoying 振(unknown word) mode and becoming. A useless consumption electric power is suppressed, and the improvement of the reproduction time in the real use has been achieved.

  5. The design by which individuality is given respectively is adopted for a slim, compact size of the pocket.

    The logo was produced, and the design of the treated new taste was adopted for the ornament, the design of the Dimple of “DMC-P55" by which high-level feeling was caused and the favorable comment was produced, and brush up, loveliness or more, and the gaiety were produced “DMC-P33". Both main bodies are the sizes of the MD jacket. Thinness and the lightness about which it was not anxious even if [it] put it in the pocket were achieved.

  6. The function to tickle the practical function and play cores is installed.

    "JET search" by which selection quick at the speed of about twice the truck search of the model in the past (ratio of our company) is enabled and "Introduction game" by which only the introduction is reproduced at random are installed. In practical use, a function to little play glad.

  7. Other features

    • "Sound mode" which can be adjusted to tone quality of favor
    • The charge pond remainder amount display (remote control)
    • The beep (It is possible to turn it on and off) by which the operation can be confirmed.
    • For recording disk reproduction of monaural length time
    • Repetition reproduction function of random reproduction function, 1/all tunes

- Attached goods

  • Liquid crystal remote control with backing light
  • Inner unpleasant headphone
  • Nickel hydrogen charge pond
  • The outside putting dry battery case
  • A special charger (DMC-P55 is a charge stand type).
  • (*batteriikyaringukeis*)
  • (*kyaringukeis*) (Only DMC-P55 :).

- Main ratings

Reproduction time) Attached charge pond For 30/44/54 hours
Alkali AA dry battery For 53/74/95 hours
Charge pond and alkali dry battery using together For 85/120/153 hours
Charge pond charge time) For four hours For three hours
Externals size (mm)) 72.8×17.1×79.7 79.7×15.6×72.8
Mass) 88g/112g 87g/111g

The reproduction time might be different depending on the use condition etc.

Inquiries concerning this case

Customer window: Kenwood customer support center (Tokyo) TEL:03(3477)5335
Kenwood customer support center (Osaka) TEL:06(6394)8085
Form only for inquiry by mail
Report and publication window: Kenwood public relations department Yamada TEL:03(5457)7120 FAX:03(5457)7110
Address only related to report and publication mailto:[email protected]

I will ask the following for product (*poji*), the catalog, and the application for the product lending for taking a picture.

Kenwood CC part home advertisement S TEL:03(5457)7148 FAX:03(5457)7140

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