July 24, 2003

DVD component for SACDDVD the first in industry audio equipped with "One bit digital amplifier" for 5.6MHz super-high speed sampling etc.
1 Bitting digital audio "Auvi ((*aubi*))" three models
The new sale length/width is put and the news tile of a free setting.

Name of articles DVD1 bit digital system One bit digital system
Shape name SD-VH90 SD-VH9 SD-CX9
Pet name
Hope retail price Opening Opening Opening
Monthly production 3,000 7,000 15,000
Sale day October 22 October 6 August 10

Sharp newly puts < SD-VH90 >< SD-VH9 of one bit three models of digital audio gAuvi" ((*aubi*)) series >< SD-CX9 > equipped with "One bit digital amplifier" of original development on the market.

One bit digital amplifier : with a super-high-speed sampling. - The field sound is faithfully unlimitedly reproduced by (delta sigma) modulation method, and a very high evaluation is obtained as a key technology of the next generation audio which enables energy conservation and a small design.
The sampling speed of 3 models and 1 bit digital amplifier was adopted, and the high pitched sound quality making was aimed at by improving the resolution of improving (The conventional model was 2,800,000 times per second) and the sounds to about 5,600,000 times per second which corresponded to 128 times CD, and a news Thai ring which was able to do the setting to length/free width was adopted according to various interior designs and the installation places.
Three models (< SD-VH9 > which was able to play the DVD video in addition to multi disk reproduction machine < SD-VH90 > which was able to play the high-quality music disk of SACD/DVD audio and the DVD video for the first time in the industry in addition to (1) CD/MD and (2) CD/MD and (3) CD/MD component < SD-CX9 >) were arranged as series development.
< SD-VH90 >< SD-VH9 > with built-in player DVD can have the easy enjoyment as gAQUOS THEATER" if [it] combines with liquid crystal television gAQUOS".
I will widely encourage it as gAuvi" new series to answer customer's various needs.

Feature > of main <

1. Equipped with efficient 'One bit digital amplifier'by which super-high resolution sound of 5.6MHz is achieved
The resolution of the sound improves rapidly about 5,600,000 times a second by the super-high-speed sampling about (5.6MHz).
[It] transmits/the sound is amplified by a digital signal in one bit, and clear tone quality with an extremely little tone quality deterioration is achieved compared with processing by an analog signal besides the speed of standing up of the sound and smoothness are reproduced in the high quality.

2. New design of slim style by which setting can be done to length/free width
As for the main body, because the setting is possible, the layout can be chosen to be length/free width according to the living environment like the interior design and the installation place, etc.
[It] becomes a slim style of only 11cm in the width of the main body, and the setting can be done refreshingly next to a thin liquid crystal television at the length putting time.

3. < SD-VH90 > equipped with multi disk player who can enjoy SACD/DVD audio
Only the progressive playing neither reproduction of the music of CD/MD nor the DVD video but also SACD/DVD audio can be reproduced in the high quality. Various music/the movie software can be enjoyed with this one.

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