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MD Walkman
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シルバー(S) ブルー(L)

* stamina of longest in the world of the lightest * body in the world &.
A light, strong magnesium alloy is adopted in an upper and lower cabinet. A small size and a light body (Only the main body) which was under 50g were achieved. Moreover, stamina of continuousness 145 hours can reproduce by this size (AA alkali dry battery using at the LP4 mode together).
* As portable MD player. Sony melody in August, 2001.

Making the Mey disk
MDLP& group function which becomes happy more and more.

On an 80 minute MD, 320 minutes of playback is possible with MDLP. [It] corresponds to the group function that enough tune can be controlled according to the artist and the genre and be reproduced.
- Charge stand attachment which can be easily charged by portable telephone sense.

- Liquid crystal display adoption stick controller attachment (with backing light) which corresponds to Chinese character display.

- Efficient Shock guard mechanism G-PROTECTION is installed. There is little music interruption even if keeping continuously shaking, and a pleasant listening is achieved.

- DSP TYPE-R for new development ATRAC is adopted in the heart of the MD sound. The high pitched sound quality which approaches the MD deck can reproduce. - This function works only at the reproduction of music to which the SP stereo is recorded with TYPE-R. Processing with TYPE-R is not done at the MDLP mode.

Attached goods Headphone (for stereo mini-plug), remote control (with clip), charge pond (NH-14WM(A)), charge stand, dry battery case, (*kyaringupohchi*), and AC power adaptor
Size (externals size) 71.1×77.6×12.5mm in depth in height in width
Mass About 49g(Only the main body :).
The colors of remote control are all silver. The colors of the headphone are all the blacks. The colors of the charge stand are all silver.
- Please do not operate it while putting the main body on the charge stand or charging it.

The PDF file of the catalog can be down-loaded.

76/100時間連続再生 - The continuous reproduction time of a stereo standard truck of using the attached charge pond with one AA type alkali dry battery together.
- The continuous reproduction time in the LP4 mode truck of using the attached charge pond with one AA type alkali dry battery together.
MDLP(MDロングプレイ) G-PROTECTION デジタルサウンドプリセット 16パターンプレイモード 再生スピードコントロール メロディタイマー
3色お知らせLED 漢字表示対応スティックコントローラー(バックライト付) ビープ音ON/OFF リモコンインデックスサーチ AVLS(快適音量) ATRAC TYPE-R対応
カーバッテリー対応 継ぎ足し充電OK 車載用ロータリーコマンダー対応 着せかえヘッドホン
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