September 2, 2002

The first in the world. - Portable MD player who installs 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier 1'
1 Bit portable MD player
"Auvi ((*aubi*))" < MD-DS8 > is "Four pole (*puraguheddohon*)" by which [it] sticks to the new sale high pitched sound quality.

Name of articles One bit portable MD player
Shape name MD-DS8
Pet name ((*aubi*))
Hope retail price Opening
Monthly production 30,000
Sale day September 17

Sharp newly puts portable MD player who installs 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'and Auvi ((*aubi*)) < MD-DS8 > on the market.
'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'is a digital amplifier newly developed the high pitched sound quality to making, to make the electric power of the ministry, and to miniaturize a mobile equipment by applying one bit technology.
Equipped with the first time in the world < MD-DS8 > as for this- For the high pitched sound quality and about 180 hours which exceed the common sense of past portable audio by doing one- The reproduction of two was achieved for a long time.
Moreover, "Dolby NR headphone system" by which a natural presence which adopts "Four pole (*puraguheddohon*)" by which a right and left sound is complete and independent separated, and listens with the speaker is achieved. - [It] proposes widely as portable MD player who thoroughly stuck to the high pitched sound quality reproduction of installing of three.

※1 As of September 2, 2002
※2 The continuous reproduction time (At the LP4 mode) when the attached charge pond is used together with the high capacity AA alkali dry battery.
※3 [It] develops jointly with the Lake technology company, and a virtual system (Dolby, a Dolby NR, and a double D sign are trademarks of (*dorubiiraboratoriiz*)) for the headphone with built-in LSI which the (*dorubiiraboratoriiz*) Co. recognized.

Feature > of main <

1. The first in the world. - Portable MD player who installs 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier 1'
The speed and the smoothness of standing up of the sound are reproduced in the high quality by installing of 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'and an extremely a tone quality deteriorated little, natural, clear tone quality is achieved.

2. "Four pole (*puraguheddohon*)" by which the high pitched sound quality of 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'is made the best use of is adopted.
"Four pole plug" inner headphone of the type which complete and independent separated a right and left sound and remote control were adopted.

3. "Dolby NR headphone system" to be able to enjoy presence to which [it] listens with speaker- Three is installed.
"Dolby NR headphone LSI" can be built into, the presence to which [it] listens with the speaker be achieved, and a natural, pleasant sound be enjoyed.

4. For about 180 hours by the conserve electric power design only of a digital amplifier- The reproduction of two for a long time is achieved.

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