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“MDX-J7" by which (*raji*) MD system equipped with NetMD of the second bounce first in industry model by which thin type MD/CD system of the favorable comment is developed further "Orchis page MDX-J9" and the function and the interior design are improved is put on the market.

Kenwood Corporation (The president:Hiroshi Nakano and headquarters:Tokyo Hachiouji City) will put “RAMPAGE MDX-J7" by which two color variations put together easily on thin (*raji*) MD system “RAMPAGE MDX-J9" equipped with “Net MD" which (*raji*) MD makes first * in the industry as the second bounce model of thin type MD/CD system of the favorable comment and the interior design are adopted on the market one by one in the beginning of July. (* As of June 4, .2002)

Name of articles Serial number Hope retail price Sale time The first number of monthly production
MD personal stereo system “RAMPAGE"
Open price The beginning of July 3,000
MDX-J7-S MDX-J7-G (silver)(green)
Open price The end of July 5,000 two 色計(unknown word)


MDX-J7-S (silver)

MDX-J7-G (green)

- [It] depends partly in 2001 and it is in the situation of 1,590,000(87.3% of the ratio to the previous year) which falls below becoming dull, 2001 fiscal year, and the previous year the power though (*raji*) MD the outline domestic market of the plan background and the product had rapidly expanded the scale from 1999 to 2000. The competition with the MD stereo to which the demand for MD came back and the price cutting progresses etc. are thought by this background. In so and thin type MD/CD system “RAMPAGE MDX-G7" which had begun selling the year before last were good at thing to achieve stable sales for a long term though the product of a high price belt when comparing it with (*raji*) MD of the old model. This seems a result propose about "Terminal USB equipment" etc. by which [it] stares at the spread of the form and the personal computer of "Thin type" proposed as a possibility in a new form being able to have the wide support. “Net MD" by which how to enjoy new music was able to be proposed in the combination with a personal computer advanced by the spread was installed in top model “MDX-J9" put on the market at this time. The installation of thin MDX-J9 and the note personal computer demonstrates a smart system requirements which won't be done in an existing NetMD equipment and high benefit and convenience. Moreover, "MD Chinese character input and display function" and "MD group control function" were newly added, and the lineup did two colors "Silver" that externals were the interior design and are high and "Green" to “MDX-J7". In our company, a new proposal will be continuously done in the future, and [it] tries to activate (*raji*) MD market.

- Feature of product
  1. “Net MD" of first (*raji*) MD is installed. (MDX-J9)

    “Net MD" was installed for the first time as (*raji*) MD in the industry. New how to enjoy music is proposed by the thing to unite a new function such as the conserve space and “Net MD" which are the feature of MDX-J9. If the personal computer and MDX-J9 are connected by using the USB cable, and application software "Rear of mu" of the attachment is used, the disk where forwarding is possible and recorded in MD at easily and high speed can reproduce music in the personal computer the file (OpenMG file) with an existing MD equipment. (The music checked out in the MDLP mode can be reproduced only with the equipment for MDLP)

  2. *** <original application software "Mulia:Rear of mu"> attachment (MDX-J9)

    *** It was <the rear of application software "Mulia:for a Kenwood original personal computer mu"> attached. Control, the edit of music in the personal computer the file, WAV, and the MP3 file can be converted into the “OpenMG" form where the copyright is protected. Moreover, [it] accesses CDDB2 by Internet, and the acquisition of title information in music CD etc. are also possible. *** Moreover, <high pitched sound quality> music can reproduce when the music file is reproduced on the personal computer because (*S) installed reproducing "Supreme2:(*sapuriim*) 2" in the high pitched sound quality of the compression data.

  3. A super-thin body of the interior taking 51mm is achieved. *** Freedom and <setting> free (MDX-J9/J7) including tapestry

    A super-thin body of the main body interior taking 51mm is hung not to mention desktop and the bed side.; *** The enjoyed thing is possible as the interior design of music of the room. can do freely to the place which cannot be put up to now the setting;

  4. [It] corresponds to the speaker and the dry battery drive which can be folded, and taking out to outdoor is also easy (MDX-J9/J7).

    MDX-J9/J7 corresponds to the dry battery (alkali single 三(unknown word) battery ×6). Moreover, the speaker can be a fold, and [it] takes out to outdoor and music can be enjoyed easily and readily in even outdoor.

  5. [It] corresponds to MD Chinese character input & display (MDX-J9/J7).

    & of the input of the Chinese character title of MD display function was adopted. The music title and the artist name etc. such as J-POP can be input and be displayed by the Chinese character.

  6. A newly developed high pitched sound quality speaker is adopted (MDX-J9/J7).

    *** Two way speaker newly developed by which <high pitched sound quality> music the reproduction was achieved was adopted though a compact body. An excellent sound in (*riniaritii*) is achieved by adopting the anti-magnetic circuit method to achieve the small size, lightness, and high power.

  7. [It] equips with the terminal USB which can reproduce the music of the personal computer (MDX-J9/J7).

    [It] equipped it with the terminal USB which was able to be connected with the personal computer easily. Music on the personal computer can be enjoyed because of the sound of the audio quality.

  8. Other features

    • BS/communication satellite broadcasting is installed and "Optical, digital input terminal" and "Sampling rate converter" by which digital can be recorded are installed.
    • CD-MD twice velocity recording
    • MD group search function
    • Portable telephone method MD title input
    • FM tuner and AM tuner for broadcasting station name automatic set & display according to area.
    • With built-in AM antenna
    • CD text display

- Main ratings

Practical, maximum output (JEITA) 2W+2W(AC)
Consumption electric power when standing by 0.75W or less (JEITA)
Available time *(single 三(unknown word) alkali battery ×6) of dry battery (CD reproduces) For about 2.5 hours (MD reproduces) and about 3.5 hours
Use speaker (*uufah*) +2.5cm (*tsiitah*) 7cm
Range of FM reception frequency 76.0〜90.0MHz
Range of AM reception frequency 531〜1,629kHz
The maximum and externals sizes) 470×172×51mm
Mass) 1.7kg
Attached goods
MDX-J9: Card type remote control and AM antenna, USB cable, and application software
MDX-J7: Card type remote control and AM antenna

* The reproduction time might be different depending on the use condition etc.

- System requirements of MDX-J9 Mulia

  • Correspondence personal computer:IBM PC/AT compatible (Japanese version)
  • OS:; Windows XP Home Edition・Windows XP Professional・Windows2000 Professional・Windows Millennium Edition Windows 98 Second Edition (Japanese, standard installation)
  • ; CPU:MMX Pentium233MHz or more and Pentium U(unknown word) 400MHz or more are recommended.
  • Memory:64MB or more
  • Empty capacity of hard drive:150MB or more ([It] differs according to the version of Windows used . Empty capacity to record and to reproduce the music data is separately necessary).
  • Connected port:USB port
  • Drive:CD-R0M drive (Use it to install the application software).
  • A recommended environment does not do the operation guarantee to all personal computers.
  • /concerning MDX-J7 The condition of the personal computer which connects it is more than possession Pentium MMX200MHz as for the terminal USB. Windows XP Home Edition・Windows XP Professional・Windows2000 Professional・Windows Millennium Edition Windows 98 Personal computer in which Japanese and standard are installed with OS of Second Edition. MDX-J7 cannot record to MD the USB connection. A recommended environment does not do the operation guarantee to all personal computers.
  • :concerning the copyright protection technology As for application software “Mulia" of the attachment, copyright protection technology “OpenMG" which uses the encryption technology to protect the music copyright is built in according to regulations of SDMI(Secure Digital Music Initiative). Moreover, “Mulia" is not good at thing to install the same software in two or more personal computers.
  • OpenMG and NetMD are trademarks of the Sony Ltd.. Microsoft Windows is a trademark or a registered trademark of United States Microsoft Corporation. Pentium is a registered trademark of United States Intel Corporation. CDDB is a registered trademark of the Gracenote Co..

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