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CD/MD receiver for (*dyuarusaiz*) MP3/WMA

Hope retail price 120,000 yen (excluding tax and remote control attachment)

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>> CD-R/RW reproduction function of MP3/WMA file format
> For MD group/MDLP/NetMD reproduction
> Equipped with full dot OEL and display
> Net display selector adoption
> With built-in separates Power IC×MOS50W×4 amplifier
> Equipped with security function
> N.I.I . Circuit/focus GND
> 1.8V high voltage RCA2 (*puriaut*)
> For CD-R/RW
> Equipped with 3State NAVI (*myuut*) function
> AUX RCA input terminal equipment
For MD title Japanese display
(*hanzufurii*) function
Disk name/station name input function
For CD TEXT Japanese display
(*disukuchenjah*) control function
Full, electric panel (with angle memory)
Remote control (with DSP control) ten key attachment
For FM diver city
(*sabuuufah*) control (with PHASE change)

- CD-R/RW reproduction function of MP3/WMA file format

*** High popularity is obtained the personal computer user “MP3" and “WMA". [It] corresponds to the reproduction of CD-R/RW which records the file of these two music compression standard. MP3 is about 120 a disk. - The collection of one or more becomes possible. And, "Title", "Artist name", and "Album name" can be displayed corresponding to ID3 tag (Ver.1.x) of the favorable comment. Moreover, [it] corresponds to the long file name of Joliet and Romeo. If WMA is used, the file of the music of half capacity can be made by almost the same tone quality as the MP3 file. In a word, about 250 about twice the MP3 disk if [it] writes it in CD-R of 700MB. - The file of the music of the WMA form of two or more is able not to replace the disk and enjoy it. Moreover, [it] corresponds to the CD-R/RW reproduction where WMA exists together to the file of MP3. Please see model Q&A for MP3/WMA in detail.

MP3/WMAファイル形式のCD-R/RW再生機能 MP3/WMAファイル形式のCD-R/RW再生機能

※1 The collection of about 120 or more is MP3 and an other numerical value for the conversion of the tune of about five minutes into the MP3 file by standard bit rate 128kbps, and writing in CD-R/RW of 650MB in capacity.
※2 The collection of about 250 or more is WMA and an other numerical value for the conversion of the tune of about five minutes into the WMA file by standard, set bit rate 64kbps, and writing in CD-R/RW of 700MB in capacity.

Disk information was installed while MP3/WMA equipped with mass RAM which enabled the folder retrieval the MP3/WMA file's reproducing was reproducing and mass RAM which came by the memory was installed. The search time of the MP3/WMA file and the folder is greatly shortened, and the folder which wants to listen while reproducing the tune is retrieved and it is possible to select it. The sound cutting of a consecutive file and the folder cancels it almost. Moreover, [it] newly corresponds to the code display of time when searching for the manual. The MP3/WMA sound can be smoothly enjoyed by music CD sense.

MP3/WMAファイル形式のCD-R/RW再生機能 MP3/WMAファイル形式のCD-R/RW再生機能


- The effect of the sound of the reflection sound and the reverberation sound, etc. is pseudoproduced by 11 mode sound field control digital signal processing, and the hall simulation function of 11 modes to reproduce a real sound scene space in the car is installed. The sound scene of DSP with which the presence overflows can be easily set only by selecting it from the concert hall and the stadium, etc.Moreover, the control of SFC is also possible by attached remote control. 11モード・サウンドフィールド・コントロール

- The SFC nuance control by which the effect value in the effect of DSP which can be set by SFC nuance control SFC can be minute adjusted by three stages of Low/Mid/High is installed. SFCニュアンス・コントロール

- Time (*direid*) control "Effect of the hearth" is applied.; *** The listener (*direi*) (time delay) is put on the music signal the sound can adjust the gap where 音像(unknown word) of <reaching> ­まで(unknown word) is slight and the presence.; As a result, the sounds of musical instruments and vocal move forward, and a separation and disunited feeling of the sound are canceled at the same time. A bass powerful as (*sabuuufah*) rings from the reception desk feels, and a real presence is good at bodily sensation. タイム・ディレイド・コントロール


- Cutting detailed off can be set with a digital filter by eight high passing stages which are the digital crossover reception desk/rear and the low passing six stages of (*nonfedah*), and only a necessary belt region can be reproduced efficiently. In addition, a rapid attenuation slope of 24dB/oct and the filter can be set, and the sound setting corresponding to the speaker characteristic not to mention (*sabuuufah*) is achieved easily. デジタル・クロスオーバー


- A digital signal of four speakers in the listening position control front, back, left and right is controlled, and the listening position of the driver and the sound characteristic matched to the number of getting on are adjusted. (*S) is made to feel, and 音像(unknown word) is clarified and a natural listening environment is offered as the listener is always at the center of each speaker (etc. distance). リスニングポジション・コントロール

- Size of the room set DSP (*taimuaraiment*) value can be minute adjusted with small, medium, and Raje in three stages according to the area in the car. ルームサイズ設定

- Nine strap digital equalizer which can easily set the tone by the sound characteristic of nine strap digital equalizer function car and the favor is installed. It is possible to set from five (*purisettokahb*), a low region with power and a dynamic sound are demonstrated in Rock, transparent feeling of harmony with beautiful vocal, chorus, and musical instruments and the spaces is reproduced in Pops, the sound it is wild and with the drive feeling is reproduced in Dance, and [it] finishes it up in the sound that vocal that there is putting in the front side is emphasized in Vocal. Moreover, 13 step gain adjustment function (±12dB) that the frequency characteristic can be minute adjusted is installed according to the sound characteristic in the car room. 9バンド・デジタル・イコライザー機能

- The (*kompuresshon*) function to compress and to correct dynamic range to four stages (off/1/2/3) is installed by the (*kompuresshon*) function digital signal processing. [It] lacks in the loading noise etc. , the small sound extinguished easily is made easy to listen without changing the volume, and the extension goes out to the sound. コンプレッション機能


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