Report announcement on August 1, 2002

"Charge stand with speaker" attachment to be able to enjoy music only by putting main body

Portable MD player “XM-ZX5"

- equipped with "Rainbow illumination" which can be enjoyed while charging it because of light that - swings

State set in charge stand with speaker

The photograph is portable MD player “XM-ZX5". "XM-ZX5-P (pink)" (left the under), "XM-ZX5-S (silver)" (Kaminaka), and "XM-ZX5-A (blue)" (lower right)

*** Only Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. can put the main body and music be enjoyed.; "Charge stand with the speaker" by which the listening scene is expanded is put on the market and attached portable MD player “XM-ZX5" is put on the market.; Beauty as the shining interior design was had both in this machine by installing of "Rainbow illumination" which was able to be enjoyed while charging it because of the swinging light.

Name of articles
Type name
Maker hope retail price (excluding tax)
Sale time
The number of monthly production
Portable MD player
September 2
*- S /- (silver)A (blue) /- P (pink)

< main feature > 1. "Charge stand with the speaker" to be able to enjoy music without "Charge stand with the speaker" attachment headphone to be able to enjoy music only by putting the main body evolves further. Music can be enjoyed with a built-in speaker only in the place where the main body is put on the charge stand even if neither the code for the voice nor the AC adaptor are connected. Moreover, a compact design which considers carrying, and can carry easily also when going out. 2. "Rainbow illumination" which can be enjoyed while charging it because of swinging lightThe light of LED built into the charge stand changes like the rainbow when - and the speaker of the charge and the charge equipped with is played, and a vivid illumination is produced. It is possible to enjoy it as an interior design which shines of course as a charge sign. ・充電スタンドのスピーカースイッチON/ACアダプター接続時3.クールでキュートな3色のカラーバリエーション本体には,円をモチーフにラインストーン感覚のアクセントを加えたポップなデザインを採用し,; Three colors by which cool and loveliness were uniquely expressed were prepared.; 4. It can be arbitrarily set "Alarm function" and repeatedly that convenient "(*suriip*) function" and the train are prevented being missed when "One-touch (*ijekt*) mechanism" and taking a rest put in and out of correspondence and the disk easiness and smooth in other function, MDLP mode, and the MD group reproduction function between tunes of the reproduction.; "Digital A・C・BASS (actively clearness bus) circuit" and 音飛び(unknown word) guard memory (LP4 mode:160 seconds- standard mode:40 seconds) for 160 seconds at most which reproduces heavy bass with which amount of feeling overflows "Sound adjustment function" and clearly by which useful "Repetition between A-B" and bass/high pitched sound for the study of the language study and music can respectively be selected according to seven stages. ;

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< plan intention > As for portable MD player market only for the reproduction in 2002 fiscal year, 2,500,000(103% of the ratio to the previous year) and steady demand are expected (our company forecast). Especially "Portable of the charge stand attachment with the speaker MD" which our company had put on the market in advance of the industry last year obtained the evaluation with a high feature that music was able to be enjoyed even if there was no headphone, and contributed to the activation of the market. Portable MD player “XM-ZX5" who puts it on the market at this time can enjoy music at once only by putting the main body on the charge stand as the second bounce of the model with the speaker function of the favorable comment, makes the charge stand compact, and has improved easiness to use and carrying. In addition, "Rainbow illumination" is installed in the woman as a popular optical function and [it] proposes as fashionable portable MD aiming at "Woman layer of latter half in one's teens - first half in one's twenties". < optional accessories (sale already)>
- Rechargeable nickel hydrogen battery 「BN-R129」 Maker hope retail price 2,200 yen (excluding tax)
- Cassette adaptor 「CK-101」 Maker hope retail price 3,000 yen (excluding tax)

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< main specification >
Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Signal reading method Non-contact optics
Sampling rate 44.1 kHz
Voice compression method ATRAC/ATRAC3(MDLP)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz〜20kHz(±3 dB)
Output terminal Headphone (stereo mini-Jack)×1
Practical, maximum output
Headphone 5 mW+5 mW(JEITA/DC)
Charge stand 120 mW (JEITA/AC)
Power supply Rechargeable nickel hydrogen charge pond (BN-R129)
Battery duration Main body/
SP (standard) mode For about 22 hours
LP2 mode For about 26 hours
LP4 mode For about 30 hours
Charge stand/
When speaker is played For about 9.5 hours
Charge time For about 3.5 hours
Size of main body (width) 75.4mm×(height)16.0mm×(depth)82.2mm(The projection part does not contain it).
Mass About 75g(Only the main body :) and about 100g(The attached charge pond contains it).
Attached goods Liquid crystal remote control, headphone, rechargeable nickel hydrogen charge pond (BN-R129), charge stand (with built-in speaker), and AC adaptor and (*kyaringupohchi*)

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