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Aiwa issues NetcMd AM-F100

The very long one period of time, Aiwa has not already been pleasantly surprised in recording and sending out machine for us, above inferior F90 only is imitates SONY R909, along with the NetcMd appearance, Aiwa relies on it and the SONY relations, must have NetcMd technology is not certainly difficult, but can the right outside also have above the inferior situation in worry new style NetcMd. Today we see came from the Japanese aspect information, Aiwa finally foreign issue its NetcMd AM-F100.

What is pleasantly surprised, F100 has not certainly liked above such is Sony OEM, in the design instead a little likes AM-HX200, but on screen design then obviously used Sony MZ-N1, the entire fuselage was very succinct, the feeling was very spacious. The pressed key control aspect, increased the four directions to the operation key, caused above on F90 the multitudinous pressed key layout to reduce to is smallest. In the impression this also is Aiwa first time only then uses such design. Looks like this F100 electric circuit board and N1 all has in essential difference, completely different circuit design.

The line controls aspect F100 has not used N1 the line controls, still controlled for the original F90 line, how many let the person be a little disappointed, but thought these two section lines controlled in the contour and the function difference do not calculate too many, returned in in the scope which was allowed to accept. The earphone aspect has not also given us too many pleasantly surprised, similarly is 用回 the AM-HX200 same type earphone.

In the NetcMd application aspect, Japan's material certainly does not have the announcement too many data, but we definitely may use N1 to take the reference, considers SONY cannot raise one formidable competitor struggles the market share with own N1, therefore F100 in this aspect performance basis extrapolates cannot be stronger than N1, may regard as is the N1 simplification (LE) the version.


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