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MD recorder for Net MD of multi Cradle attachment with ten keys
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. “SJ-MR250"
Price/open price (real sale price case 40,000 yen or less) on sale time/July 20

- Main function and operativeness

As portable MD machine of this company, “SJ-MR250" of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is MD recorder for first Net MD. *** MR250 becomes a succession machine after an interval of the about one year as 録(unknown word) <this company> type at present <again> though “SJ-MR220" of the sale in July, 2001 circulates.

The standard and this bale of "Multi Cradle with the character input ten keys" to do the charge and the title input, etc. for the package. Moreover, [it] puts sideward of multi Cradle of both, [it] uses, and a small speaker is attached.

Of course, because the Net MD correspondence, MDLP is supported. Each mode of SP and LP2 and LP4 can be reproduced. [It] has a function general the recording function, and the stereo microphone can record by the microphone input of the synchronized recording from other equipments which use light digital/the analog input of the main body and the plug Inn power correspondences. The sampling rate converter is built into, and [it] corresponds to the recording from various equipments.

[It] changes radically from MR220 which distributes a lot of large-scale switches to the surface of the main body, and "Mirror design" which became the union image of the Panasonic product has been adopted on the design side. Parts other than the cap also have an enough, high-level feeling by metallic as a higher rank machine of about 40,000 yen. Externals size is 80.4×74.6×20.1mm(width × interior taking × height). *** I feel <thick> ぼったさ(unknown word) in Net MD similarly compared with “MZ-N1" of the rival machine which corresponds and Sony and “IM-MT880" of Sharp though somewhat.

Only one cap side : the mirror in a true meaning. It was only a little anxious that the fingerprint was remaining. The MD slot part can be opened by one hand. The operation is also light. Three buttons which line up in the interior change in the switch and the reproduction mode of EQ. I/O terminal on right side. Analog input and earphone, light/microphone input from the left

Stop, recording beginning, reproduction/sending the tune on the surface of the main body/tune 戻 endures and is arranged 各 button. The volume and the holding switch on a right side. *** In <return> seesaw the type, [it] pushes and ごこち(unknown word) is a little hard. The size is also small, and the volume is not especially used easily. When three buttons line up in the upper part of the main body, and the reproduction mode and the tone quality correction mode are switched, [it] uses it. The belly of the finger has become painful if [it] pushes frequently because these are hard and small, too. The malfunction which is that the switch enters without permission might be prevented by hardening the button. It is possible to deal with the operation concerning the reproduction and the recording by remote control almost though. The main body switches do not become problems as long as remote control is used regularly.

The battery can use the AA alkali battery besides the chewing gum type nickel hydrogen battery of the attachment together. About 90 hours can be reproduced for about 33 hours by using together with the AA alkali battery only on the attached charge pond in case of LP2. It is possible to correspond enough also to long-term use of the business trip and the travel, etc.

The liquid crystal display of the main body corresponds to the display of the Chinese character and the hiragana. The font is large, and the visual check is high. It is possible to display up to seven characters a degree, and the level meter is displayed in the part in the display.

The name "New one finger liquid crystal remote control" is given to the liquid crystal remote control of the attachment. The subject of the operation is a cross key at the right of remote control. [It] reproduces/it is possible to stop by the tune sending/doing tune 戻 and the volume improvement/the volume down being allocated at the top and bottom, and pushing the center right and left. The function to use well is brought together in one cross key, and an intuitive operation can be done. Moreover, even only the right hand will be able to be manipulated if becoming accustomed because the design that the shape of remote control also becomes familiar with the hand.

The display of remote control corresponds to the Chinese character and the hiragana. The font of the length length that atmosphere is different from the font of the main body display has been adopted. Moreover, the button for the switch and the backing light lighting the reproduction mode queues up a little in EQ under the display of remote control. The backing light lights continuously for about five seconds.

The main body display can display the Chinese character and the hiragana of the title. Truck No. and the level meter are displayed in the title. Remote control is shape which becomes familiar with the hand in planiform. A cross button is also comprehensible. However, there were a lot of mistakes of pushing it though [it] tried to push to the upper and lower right and left, too. [It] becomes the font of the length length in the liquid crystal display of remote control. There is no sense of incompatibility because the em-size alphanumeric character etc. become the length lengths, too.

The terminal USB, the speaker output, and the DC input are installed in multi Cradle of this bale. *** Ten keys are arranged one of features on the this side side moreover. The main body turns to the above compared with Cradle for a general charge. I felt merit in the point of the visual check on the display and the access to the main body switches when putting it on the desk.

Being possible to do in multi Cradle the voice reproduces with ON/OFF of the charge, the title input, the truck edit, and the PC connection and an attached speaker. These functions cannot be used without multi Cradle if [it] says oppositely. To do a little edit while the destination and moving though the reason why the main body design was refreshing is that the function was concentrated on multi Cradle, I might feel the inconvenience.

However, the inconvenience will not be remembered too much in case of directions "After [it] returns of the reproduction, the recording, and the edit of the where has gone" because all almost the recordings and the reproduction functions can be used only with the main body. It feels that a reasonable design when thinking about lightening the main body by the function differentiation and the simplification of the operation. Because Net MD also has limited the check-in checkout to one PC, it is likely not to become a problem especially.

Multi Cradle. Respect with ten keys is a mirror. The button named EDIT, DELETE, and ENTER besides ten keys queues up. The connection with PC should push ENTER of not the automatic operation but multi Cradle. Seemingly, multi Cradle from the back. The output terminal and DC IN for USB and an attached speaker are installed. Multi Cradle is necessary for 出音(unknown word) of the speaker.

It is possible to input it considerably high-speed and easily in case of the person who is accustomed because the same method as a portable telephone though the title in ten keys input. However, only normal-width (alphanumeric character and normal-width Japanese syllabary) : can the input in multi Cradle. When the Chinese character and the hiragana are input, doing on Net MD might be more convenient. Moreover, because the button is considerably hard, the input work is able not to be done pleasantly too much. You should rely on Net MD if there is an environment connected with PC.

On the other hand, the edit work of the disk is pleasant. Such work becomes complex by all means because (*S) does with the display where the character display is a little and a small button and the dial in general player MD. However, installing “EDIT", “DELETE", and “ENTER" independently, and the cursor buttons, etc. are also large in case of MR250. Therefore, the edit work did not comparatively become painful. The edit function is equipped with DIVIDE, MOVE, ERASE(ALL,TRACK), COMBINE, and GROUP SET.

- Tone quality

As for tone quality in an earphone, SP and LP2 both felt high 解像感(unknown word) in an inside region. Because vocal and an acoustic guitar are glossier than MZ-N1 of the edit section having, it can be said no mean 美音(unknown word). On the other hand, the sound omission in other belt regions is not so good. Therefore, an overall unrefined impression was received. Moreover, because a low region is software, I might feel satisfactory according to the genre.

Vocal was not buried, and it was possible to audition pleasantly though (*joh*) sample "Pecan tree", putt (*mesenii*) group "(*supiiking*) (*ob*) now", and (*firippa*) Giordano "Rosso Amore" were mainly heard at this time even by "Rosso Amore" that the reverberation element is a lot of.

The tone quality mode can select “XBS-1", “XBS-2", and “TRAIN" besides “NORMAL". The characteristic of MR250 that the bass is comparatively thin is improved though XBS is a bass reinforcement mode. However, the place because [it] considerably becomes (*buumii*) where the favor divides.

TRAIN is a mode to prevent the sound leakage by cutting the high pitched sound etc. by so-called "Train position". It can be said to AVLS only of straightening the peak that TRAIN which uses the equalizer is more highly developed sound leakage measures by putting (*rimittah*) though [it] looks like “AVLS" built into the Sony product such as MZ-N1. However, because tone quality worsened considerably, it was not possible to feel like personally using it regularly.

The speaker is a real sect which adopted the titanium corn and (*neojiumumagunet*). There is (*basurefupoht*) about the back. earphone of attachment. Type attached well for recent new product

The speaker of the attachment is (*basuref*) type by which 3cm diameter full range unit is installed. When using it, it is necessary to connect it with multi Cradle. (*neojiumumagunet*) has been adopted by using titanium for the material of corn. 出音(unknown word) was a smooth an inside region, and beautiful sound more than the forecast though it seemed that [it] equipped to follow the hit of model “SJ-MJ50" only for the reproduction with the speaker put on the market in December, 2001. However, a unit, (*enkurohja*), and a small, belt region narrow, probably because of snug impression are received. It was convenient though might be a design by which [it] thought about listening by desktop for the monitor when editing it.

The interesting one must become two kinds (“NORMAL" and “XBS-SP") only by the main body when the tone quality mode which is three kinds of “NORMAL", “XBS-1", “XBS-2", and “TRAIN" installs multi Cradle. Because “XBS-SP" does the correction by which a low region is extremely lifted, thinness in a low region of an attached speaker is considerably eased.

■ Net MD

Version for BeatJam Net MD of this bale. The CD writing function etc. are omitted compared with “BeatJam-XX TREM" of the product version.
The software packed up together into the package is a version for Net MD only for Panasonic “BeatJam". The same one as the attachment to CD/MD system “SC-SV1" with (*sabuuufa*) put on the market in February.

Install check-in checkout function and "Japanese syllabary conversion function" to the Net MD equipment in a main feature. The Japanese syllabary conversion function converts the em-size character in the title into the normal-width katakana or the normal-width alphanumeric character by the one that player MD who corresponded only to a British number and the normal-width Japanese syllabary was considered.

All equipments for Net MD under the sale including MR250 correspond to the Chinese character and the hiragana display. However, there are a lot of models by which only the normal-width area is recognized in player MDLP. When MD made with MR250 is often reproduced as a player of the Chinese character and the hiragana display non-correspondence, it will be able to be said a useful function.

The transfer rate of three present models (MR250,MZ-N1,IM-MT880) of the portable Net MD machine in Net MD was compared. Having used it for forwarding is the 12th truck, and "Giulietta's ballade. " of the Rosso AmoreThis was recorded in PC with LP2(132kbps) though the tune on 23 seconds of about five minutes, and [it] forwarded it to each model. The size of the file is 5.1MB. CPU installs PC used for forwarding and Pentium41.6 A GHz and the memory install Windows XP Professional in OS by the composition named SDRAM512MB. Moreover, “OpenMG Jukebox" attached to MZ-N1 in addition to BeatJam of the MR250 attachment is used for the forwarding software. The result is as follows.

【 forwarding time of portable Net MD of each equipment 】
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. SJ

BeatJam Ver. About 49 seconds About 28 seconds Nine seconds of about one minute.
OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.2 About 45 seconds About 30 seconds Ten seconds of about one minute.

MT880 that the sale time is old was the slowest, and MZ-N1 became the velocity. Moreover, it is interesting that some differences have gone out for MR-250 according to the forwarding software.

- Summary

High-level feeling is high the satisfaction degree on correspondence and the function side to a design which is and remote control and an easy-to-use Chinese character display. Moreover, I want to evaluate the idea by which the edit function is separated to multi Cradle. Might the product which should be put in the selection leg when buying it though the machine for Net MD that the number is little still. I think that tone quality also matches to J-POPS etc. which especially hang to vocal strong (*komp*) more than the level.

Special ten keys input is only an alphanumeric character and is a normal-width Japanese syllabary, and however, it is not easy to use because the button is hard and there is a part of たりと(unknown word) regrettable ,, too. Moreover, it is regrettable that the main body is too small comparatively and not lightened not installing the edit function. In addition, there is a big fault of not equipping it with the line - out, too. I want to tie to an amplifier on hand still though might the concept "It is necessary because there is an attached speaker".

How might the price of about 40,000 yen be seen?*** The height in the shop price <about 37,000 MT880 yen of 38,000 <MZ-N1> yen or less> : for about 40,000 yen of MR250 now. There must be a lot of people who do not need the speaker either in the core user though no do be known either. I want to expect the appearance of "Model of the speaker none" personally though it is likely to come off from the concept in the sales strategy.

【 battery duration 】
At reproduction At recording
Attached charge pond For about 25 hours For about 33 hours For about 40 hours For about 13 hours For about 17 hours For about 21 hours
AA alkali battery For about 39 hours For about 50 hours For about 63 hours For about eight hours For about 13 hours For about 16 hours
At attached charge pond using of AA alkali battery together For about 70 hours For about 90 hours For about 110 hours For about 35 hours For about 46 hours For about 56 hours

【 main specification 】
Compression/expansion method ATRAC/ATRAC3
Frequency characteristic 20Hz〜20kHz
Practical, maximum output 3.5mW×2ch
I/O Input terminal Analog line (M3) and light digital/microphone (M3)
Output terminal Headphone (M3)
The maximum and externals sizes 80.4×74.6×20.1mm (width × interior taking × height)
Weight About 97g(Only the main body :)/about 124g(The attached charge pond contains it).

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(July 25, 2002)

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