The MiniDisc 120Kph Torture Test

Nicholas Riley ([email protected])

MiniDiscs: How strong are they?

This is a rather stupid experiment my brother and I did on Sunday but here we go... It was cold, damp and foggy and we had nothing better to do so we wondered, would an MD survive being dropped out of a car at 120Kph (75Mph)? I had a few pre-recorded discs that I got from Sony for free which were complete crap and I was never going to listen to so I put them to great scientific use! I covered the holes and the shutter up, then spray painted it fluoro pink so I could find it again once it had left the car. We went up to a hill where I know there is a great long stretch of road perfect for this and we dropped it out of the car at 120Kph.

So what do you think happened?

Absolutely nothing! A little bit of the paint was scratched off and that was it. I put the disc in my player to see if it worked still and it worked fine.

My conclusion is they are bloody strong and I am going to use the same disc for some other stupid tests... Anyone got any ideas for torture tests for the disc?

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