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Never again tiresome names!

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10. January 2001

Who doesn't know that?

Finally, one has itself his/its Lieblingsminidisc composed and covered up, then one also must her/it/them name still. „No that now does I no longer, that does I then once someday in the S - track, or in the evening if I cannot fall asleep. “ Stupid only that one at the MD - MT15 not geleichzeitig names and can hear! The consequence at will many unbenannte MD are. so went also me it, until I that Side of Thomas Meier found.

Thomas built a simple for the Sharp 70x Circuit and signed which him/it a Qbasic program enabled Text-inputs on the Minidisc too figurative. I built myself the circuit of course immediately, had to determine however that admittedly the hardware the same was, but the software at all didn't fit.

Therefore, I wrote that Qbasic program of Thomas about. I furthermore still added the option Playlisten (* .m3u, to read. There is unfortunately and always-still gave some Problems. For example, only Playlistens can be read, that no one „, “, commas, contains. Another problem is that my program from AT from the respective Letters seek and before it selects the next again to AT returns. I will still alter that however soon. The biggest problem was until now however that each individually selected letter, individually with her/it „BOARDS “button on him/it Minidisc had to be confirmed, since not this button on the long-distance-service existing is.

For this problem, I have with the help of Thomas a quite simple solution found. I tied a small to the interface Electromagnets at, that on command a small metal-pole (with Legoaufsatz) out-press. So, I spare myself the ongoing presses on them/her/it „BOARDS “button. A small fisher-technology-framework holds the magnet.

Everything something I now still must do is, that to put Minidisc into his/its mounting, the Path and file-name the Playlist, to declare, to select the Track, and that „EDIT “button, to press. Maybe, I build a Stellmagneten for them/her/it as well „EDIT “button. ???

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I am veranwortlich for no damages at your appliances incidentally!

Furthermore I am not responsible for the contents my left, since I on her/it/them no influence has!

Oh yes, I will put all new realizations here to disposal of course.

Until then,

Ciao Trucki

HP.: It now gives a solution with her/it the BOARDS button no longer must be pressed from outside! Can more over it your under rebuilding reads.

This side became called once.